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Effect Type

Structural, Minor, Negative, Removable


-(Amount) AV

Cleaved is an ♦AV penalty on a creature inflicted by Cleave (except when a psionic weapon is used, in which case psionically cleaved will be inflicted) or Shattering Blows. This cannot be applied to make a creature's AV go below 0. If a creature attempts to cleave the player character, it will usually apply cracked on an equipped piece of armor instead. It will only inflict cleaved if the player character has intrinsic AV; whether this happens or a piece of armor is cracked depends on a hit location that is selected for the Cleave.

If applied by Cleave, the duration is 300 turns. If applied by Shattering Blows, the duration is 2000 turns.

For the equipment equivalent, see Cracked.