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Effect Type

Metabolic, Minor, Negative, Removable


-1d6 Move Speed per turn for 14-18 turns.
[total:- (debuff stacks)d6 Move Speed]

You feel stiff as a stone.

Stony is a gradual effect that is caused by molting basilisks and lithofexes. When applied, this effect lasts for 1d5+1314-18 (Avg: 16) turns.

At the start, it inflicts -1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) movement speed. Every turn after that, the movement speed penalty increases by another 1d6. This means that the movespeed penalty right before the poison is metabolized can be anywhere from 14d614-84 (Avg: 49) to 18d618-108 (Avg: 63).

Recuperating causes stony to instantly end.

Creatures that can cause Stony