Caves of Qud Wiki:Policy and Rules

Welcome to the official wiki! Here are a summary of our overall goals:

  1. Everything in ObjectBlueprints.xml is updated using QBE, not player added. When a new update changes game data, one of our editors uploads the new version with the tool.
  2. Emphasis is on making information accessible to modders. Caves of Qud is not an open source game, nor is its code publicly accessible. However, for purposes of modding, we reference methods from decompiled code.
  3. Information must be up to date. Most every page has an ambox in the reference section or a infobox footer denoting what patch of the game the data was added on. This way we know what information needs to be rechecked and what things are outdated. This is especially important when data changes every week.
  4. Fact and suggestions are separate and denoted as such. The official wiki denotes all subjective info and opinions in the main namespace using the Template:Opinion or Template:Speculation templates. For other writing style guidelines, see the Style Guide.


Aside from normal wiki etiquette:

  1. Do not advertise unofficial communities on the official wiki.
  2. Although the tolerance for what is socially acceptable is more lax in Caves of Qud, we expect editors to not add things that would be needlessly cruel to the characters within.

Failing to follow these rules may cause your edits to be reverted, or have your IP/account locally blacklisted. Please contact a wiki admin for any questions about these rules.

[ Cowboy Advice ]

1. Be rootin'
2. Be tootin'
3. and by god be shootin'
but most of all...
be kind  

- Teamtoto (talk) 20:52, 16 May 2021 (UTC)