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Agolgut is a narrative entity associated with Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha, whose "putrid spawn" are apparently a source of glotrot[1] They are venerated by Glowwight cultist of agolgut.pngglow-wight cultists of Agolgut and Glowwight shepherd of agolgut.pngglow-wight shepherds of Agolgut.

Red Rock

One of Agolgut's glow-wight cultists is guaranteed to spawn in Ovw red rock.pngRed Rock as part of the quest What's Eating the Watervine? Upon finishing the quest, Elder irudad.pngElder Irudad comments that the glow-wights worship the Girsh Nephilim as gods,[2] which implies that Agolgut is one of the Nephilim (as well as, presumably, Bethsaida).


Agolmaggot.pngagolmaggots (which are commonly found in Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha), Agolfly.pngagolflies, and Agolzvuv.pngagolzvuvs all bear the prefix "agol" in their name, which may suggest a connection with Agolgut.