Girsh Agolgot

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
Girsh Agolgot
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Girsh (Loved100 Reputation)





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1250 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Swarm Alpha: As long as this creature is adjacent to its target, it grants +2 to the swarm bonuses of each other swarmer who is adjacent to its target.
  • EMP sensitive
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Girsh Agolgot

A creature of immensity mounts the upper eyeline. The monstrous slumping head is moted with warts and freckles, and a soaking wattle rains putrid sauce on the floor. Years of slouching under pipeworks has smashed his diacalyptus spine, and the sponginess of matter has left him boiling and sick from his surroundings. Finally, irisdual light churning under his tx-glass skin is filtered to a sickening hue and radiates out of body in lituus spirals.


Girsh Agolgot is a member of the Girsh Nephilim, associated with Golgotha and disease, whose "putrid spawn" are a source of glotrot[1]. He is venerated by gyre wights of Agolgot.

Agolgot's Lair

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Agolgot's cradle can be found below Golgotha around strata 30, by following the pits located in the Cloaca. The cradle, as well as the layers between it and the Cloaca, contains clusters of ashy stalagmites, which release osseous ash, a gas that causes damage from choking. As with all Nephilim, creatures in his lair have a chance to be converted to the Girsh faction and gain special effects; in Agolgot's lair, enemies have a chance to be rank, giving them a chance to poison on hit, and will drop a pool with a mixture of brown sludge, green goo, and black ooze on death.


  • Prior to the 7th Plague update (game version, Agolgot was commonly referred to as "Agolgut" through the game.
  • agolmaggots (which are commonly found in Golgotha), agolflies, and agolzvuvs all bear the prefix "agol" in their name, which suggests a connection with Agolgot.