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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:Regeneration)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.



Your wounds heal very quickly.

Your full natural healing rate applies in combat.
+(level based)% faster natural healing rate
(level based)% chance to regrow a missing limb each round
(level based)% chance to remove a minor physical debuff at random each round

Regeneration is a physical mutation which improves the player’s natural ♥HP regeneration rate and allows the player to regrow lost limbs. This regeneration rate is applied in addition to the creature's normal HP regeneration rate.

Regeneration provides the ability to regrow missing body parts, with a level-based chance of occurring each turn. If the limb regeneration chance equals or exceeds 100%, the creature will be guaranteed to regrow a limb within one turn and, additionally, will be immune to decapitation. Note that only one limb can be regrown at a time, and parent limbs must be regrown before child limbs can be regrown (such as an arm needing to be regrown before a hand can then regrow).

Regeneration and other regeneration causing items also have the ability to remove removable minor physical debuffs that affect metabolic, respiratory, circulatory, structural, or neurological functioning, with a level-based chance to do so each turn. This includes bleeding and itchy skin; however, Regeneration cannot cure fungal infections that have already developed at any level because it is no longer considered an effect.

At mutation level 5, this ability extends to major physical debuffs, including diseases (such as glotrot, ironshank, and monochrome) and their onset conditions (sore throat, stiff legs, and blurry vision).


The following formulas are used to determine healing rate, bonus, change to regenerate limbs, and chance to remove debuffs (rounded down) based on mutation level.[1]

Healing Rate Bonus
0.1 + 0.1 × Level
Limb Regen Chance
Level × 10
Remove Debuff Chance
1 + Level / 3

Advancement Table

Regen Chance
Debuff Chance
1 +20% 10% 1%
2 +30% 20% 1%
3 +40% 30% 2%
4 +50% 40% 2%
5 +60% 50% 2%
6 +70% 60% 3%
7 +80% 70% 3%
8 +90% 80% 3%
9 +100% 90% 4%
10 +110% 100% 4%
Regen Chance
Debuff Chance
11 +120% 110% 4%
12 +130% 120% 5%
13 +140% 130% 5%
14 +150% 140% 5%
15 +160% 150% 6%
16 +170% 160% 6%
17 +180% 170% 6%
18 +190% 180% 7%
19 +200% 190% 7%
20 +210% 200% 7%
Regen Chance
Debuff Chance
21 +220% 210% 8%
22 +230% 220% 8%
23 +240% 230% 8%
24 +250% 240% 9%
25 +260% 250% 9%
26 +270% 260% 9%
27 +280% 270% 10%
28 +290% 280% 10%
29 +300% 290% 10%
30 +310% 300% 11%

Effects affected

The following effects can be removed by regeneration. These effects are only healed if they are applied to the creature that has regeneration, not their equipment. This includes natural equipment that is technically part of a creature's body, such as Horns. The specific criteria for which effects can be removed by Regeneration are based on effect type as follows:[2]

  • Must be at least one of the following effect types: metabolic, respiratory, circulatory, structural, or neurological
  • Must be both of the following effect types: negative and removable
  • Must also be a minor effect unless Regeneration level is greater than or equal to 5

Regen < 5

Regen >= 5

All of the above effects, plus the following:

Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Gives the player easy access to limb regeneration, which normally requires specific resources, such as ubernostrum injectors or a regeneration tanks
  • No limit on how many limbs a player can regenerate
  • Increases the player’s passive ♥HP regeneration
  • Provides essentially full immunity to diseases at mutation level 5
  • Provides immunity to decapitation at mutation level 10
  • Provides essentially full immunity to fungal infections at mutation level 1


  • High Mutation Point cost at character generation
  • The bonus to passive ♥HP regeneration is too low to make a significant difference in most fights
  • Limbs are dismembered very infrequently in Caves of Qud, and the “normal” methods of regenerating limbs are common enough to regrow any lost limbs
  • This mutation may lock you out of getting fungal infections, preventing you from gaining any benefits they bring
  • Similarly, at level 5 and beyond it locks you out of Ironshank's potential 5♦AV bonus

Creatures with Regeneration


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