Sticky Tongue

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Sticky Tongue


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Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Sticky Tongue

You capture prey with your sticky tongue.

You pull the nearest creature toward you.
Range: (Level * 2 + 10)
Cooldown: (22 - Level) rounds

Sticky Tongue is a mutation which fires out a long tongue which pulls the nearest visible creature toward the user, up to a certain maximum range. Depending on the creature, this mutation can affect either all creatures (bloated pearlfrog) or only hostile creatures (tongue tyrant). Both creatures have this mutation at level 10.[1][2]

This mutation may also be obtained as a cooking effect when cooking with tongue-based ingredients.

Ingredients cooked with Effect
fermented tongue Level 4-5 Sticky Tongue

The cooking effect version of this mutation will pull both hostile and non-hostile creatures. If there are no creatures in range when the player uses this ability, the message "There are no creatures in range." is shown.

Ability Cooldown

Ability cooldown varies depending both on mutation level and willpower.

Additional Notes

  • Eating a tongue twist causes the creature ingesting the tongue twist to shoot outward a single, one-time instance of Sticky Tongue.[3]

Creatures That Have Sticky Tongue


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