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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:Beguiling)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.



You beguile a nearby creature into serving you loyally.

Mental attack versus a creature with a mind
Success roll: mutation rank or Ego mod (whichever is higher) + character level + 1d8 VS. Defender MA + character level
Range: 1
Beguiled creature: +(level based) bonus hit points
Cooldown: 50 rounds

Beguiling is a mental mutation that allows the player to "beguile" nearby creatures, turning them into a companion.

Beguiling grants the "Beguile Creature" activated ability, which when used on a creature within 1 tile of the user, will bestow the beguiled status effect and cause that creature to become a follower, so long as the player rolls to do so successfully. The creature will be friendly to the player, will follow them and attack anything hostile to them, and can be ordered to perform certain actions. They will also gain bonus ♥hitpoints as determined by the player's mutation level. If the player fails to beguile an otherwise neutral creature, they will become hostile; this will not anger any of the creature's nearby allies, however.

Followers can be ordered by looking at them and pressing the "use" keybind when they are at a distance, or by pressing the "interact nearby" keybind when they are within 1 tile. By doing so, they can be directed to attack specific targets, move to a specific tile, or remain where they are until the player orders them to move again. The player can also allow or disallow the creature from using their activated/toggleable abilities.

Followers can be traded with to obtain any items they have within their inventory free of charge, even if that creature is a merchant. They can also be given items and equipment, and will equip their best available armor and weapons automatically.

Beguiled creatures will remain beguiled until they die or the player successfully beguiles a different creature, as only one follower can be gained through the Beguiling mutation at a time. Creatures who are "dismissed" in this way will become hostile to the player.

If the player loses the ability to Beguile (such as from a food effect running out), once the player loses the ability, the beguiled creature is freed and becomes hostile as if it was dismissed.


The following formula is used to determine follower bonus hitpoints based on mutation level.

Bonus Hitpoints
Level × 5

Advancement Table

Mutation Level Bonus Hitpoints
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 25
6 30
7 35
8 40
9 45
10 50
Mutation Level Bonus Hitpoints
11 55
12 60
13 65
14 70
15 75
16 80
17 85
18 90
19 95
20 100
Mutation Level Bonus Hitpoints
21 105
22 110
23 115
24 120
25 125
26 130
27 135
28 140
29 145
30 150

Ability Cooldown

Beguiling's cooldown (CD) in rounds depends on the user's willpower (WI) attribute:


Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Can be used to gain followers that will fight for the player
  • Can be used on powerful targets to make them friendly and effectively neutralize them, allowing the player to then kill them for free
  • Beguiled merchants can be traded with to obtain their items for free


  • Very high cost at character creation
  • Will fail when used on enemies that are significantly higher level/Ego than the player
  • Must be adjacent to a target to use
  • Can't be used on creatures with a mental shield, such as robots, plants, and oozes

Creatures with Beguiling