Multiple Horns

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Multiple Horns


Body LocationThe body part(s) where this
mutation can be located


ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:MultiHorns)


Multiple Horns

Several horns jut out of your head.

20% chance on melee attack to gore your opponent
Damage increment: 2d((level/2)+3)
Goring attacks may cause bleeding
+(0-2) AV
Cannot wear helmets
Can launch into a destructive charge after a one turn warm-up.
Charge distance: 8 + Level

Multiple Horns is a physical mutation that can add multiple heads depending on the creature type. By default, this adds 2 extra heads. Unlike the player mutation Horns, horns will be set on every head.

This horn will have a hit bonus of lv-4, or 0 if it is lower. These use the Cudgel weapon skill, with a max PV of 14. Depending on the creature, the name of the mutation will change, but functionally remain the same.

Requirement Name
Has horns or little horns Triple Horn
is a Goat Horns
is a Rhino Horn

Else, there is a 35% to have it display as Horns, 30% to be Antlers, and 35% to be Horn.

With this mutation, a creature gains the ability to perform a Wrecking Charge. Its cooldown is 430 -(mutation LV) * 30.

Advancement Table

Level Damage AV Charge Distance
1 2d3 0 9
2 2d4 0 10
3 2d4 1 11
4 2d5 1 12
5 2d5 1 13
6 2d6 1 14
7 2d6 2 15
8 2d7 2 16
9 2d7 2 17
10 2d8 2 18

Wrecking Charge

(creature) stomps with bestial fury!

When a creature chooses a target to Wrecking Charge, they will spend one turn stomping. This target must be able to fight. This will project a red line of their intended path, giving a chance for creatures to move out of the way. Afterwards, they will run forward for their charge distance, striking everything that still is within its path.

The initial charge strength is determined by the charging creature's strength.

On collision, this charge strength is compared against different things depending on the object type:

Type Check
Wall Charge Strength > AV + 20
Creature (with a combat part) Charge Strength > Creature's Strength
Other solids (Charge Strength - 5)^2 > Object weight

If the charge strength is lesser, the charge will end early.

If the charge strength is greater, walls will be destroyed, and other objects will be pushed by the charging creature and take additional damage for any other object that they hit after the charge ends. The initial damage is based on the damage increment, but will roll an extra 2 * (num heads + 1) * (# walls charged through, 3 max) extra times.

Creatures with Multiple Horns