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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:TwoHeaded)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.



You have two heads.

Mental actions have (5 * Level + 15)% lower action costs
50% chance initially and each round to shake off a negative mental status effect

Two-headed is a physical mutation that grants the player an extra head. Note that mutating an extra head such as through Chimera or creatures whose original body plan has two heads do not automatically gain this mutation.

The extra head granted by this mutation has an equip-able slot as a normal head does, as well as granting an additional face slot. However, ♦AV and ○DV values granted by helmets and masks will be averaged across the two heads, meaning the player will have to wear two equipment pieces of the same type in order to gain the same ♦AV and ○DV as normal. This does not affect Attribute bonuses granted by equipment, such as the Ego granted by wearing a knollworm skull.

Two Headed reduces the action cost of mental actions, such as using a mental mutation, by a mutation level based percentage. Additionally, it grants the player a 50% chance to "shake off" a mental status effect; see Effects Affected, below. These effects have a chance to either be removed immediately upon contracting them or every turn that the player has them for.

Creatures with two heads cannot be killed by decapitation so long as at least one of their heads remain. Rather than dying, creatures will bleed profusely when one of their heads is severed. If both heads are severed, the creature will instantly die just like any other decapitated creature.

Creatures that start with the Two-headed mutation have a chance to have separate names for each head.


The following formulas are used to determine mental action cost reduction and "shake off" chance based on mutation level.

Mental Action Cost Reduction
15 + 5 × Level

Advancement Table

The percent reduction for this mutation can increase past 100%, but the total energy cost of the mental action will never go below 0[1].

Mutation Level Mental Action
Cost Reduction
1 20%
2 25%
3 30%
4 35%
5 40%
6 45%
7 50%
8 55%
9 60%
10 65%
Mutation Level Mental Action
Cost Reduction
11 70%
12 75%
13 80%
14 85%
15 90%
16 95%
17 100%
18 105%
19 110%
20 115%
Mutation Level Mental Action
Cost Reduction
21 120%
22 125%
23 130%
24 135%
25 140%
26 145%
27 150%
28 155%
29 160%
30 165%

Effects Affected

Two-headed affects all effects that are categorized as Mental, Negative, and Removable. It does not remove it if the effect is voluntarily applied to themself.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Grants an extra head and face slot, allowing the player to wear additional equipment to gain extra Attribute bonuses, effects granted by modded items, or effects granted by artifacts
  • Synergizes well with mental mutations
  • Provides protection against many mental status effects
  • Prevents the player from dying instantly from decapitation
  • Synergizes with triggered mental effects from cooking, such as whenever you perform a critical hit, you cause plants to spontaneously grow in a random nearby area, causing those effects to consume fewer (or no) turns
  • At level 17 or higher, mental actions will cost no energy, basically granting as many free turns as the creature has mental actions. This combos well with Light Manipulation.


  • Moderate cost on character generation
  • Halves ♦AV and ○DV bonuses from equipment worn on the head and face, requiring the player to wear twice as many pieces for the same bonuses

Creatures with Two-headed


This information is reliable as of patch
  1. XRL.World.GetEnergyCostEvent, method GetFor