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This article contains unfinished and/or prerelease content.
This content is only accessible by checking "Allow unfinished and prerelease content" in the in-game options, and should be considered experimental.
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ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:Metamorphosis)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.



You assume the form of any creature you touch.

Cooldown: (level based) rounds
May only assume the form of creatures level (level based) or lower

Metamorphosis is a physical mutation that allows the player to transform into a nearby creature.

This mutation grants the "Metamorphosis" activated ability, which when used on a creature within 1 tile of the player, will cause the player to become a near-perfect copy of that creature, inheriting their level, attributes, anatomy, mutations, skills, etc. The only stats the player will retain from their original body will be their Intelligence, Willpower, and Ego. The player will lose access to their own skills and mutations, but will retain their inventory; their equipment will automatically be equipped in the corresponding slots on their new body plan, or returned to their inventory if there are none. The player can choose to cancel this transformation at any time by using the "End Metamorphosis" ability, incurring a cooldown of a mutation level-based number of rounds.

The player is free to proceed in whatever form they've assumed indefinitely, and can do everything they normally could within their own bodies, including gaining levels, buying mutations, spending skillpoints, etc., though such changes to the new body will not carry over to their original body should they choose to end the Metamorphosis. XP gained while transformed will be applied to the original body when ending Metamorphosis, however.

Despite the description, the player is able to use Metamorphosis to transform into any creature regardless of level. Even if prerelease content is disabled, Crowsong will always spawn with metamorphosis at level 6, which the player can then obtain via permanent domination.


The following formulas are used to determine cooldown and transformation level limit based on mutation level. Note that the transformation level limit currently is non-functional and has no impact on the performance of the mutation.[1]

(525 - 25 × Level)
Transformation Level Limit
(1 + Level) × 5

Note that the cooldown can be a negative number. If this is the case, the mutation will essentially have no cooldown and can be used again instantly.

Advancement Table

Mutation Level Cooldown Transformation
1 500 rounds 10
2 475 rounds 15
3 450 rounds 20
4 425 rounds 25
5 400 rounds 30
6 375 rounds 35
7 350 rounds 40
8 325 rounds 45
9 300 rounds 50
10 275 rounds 55
Mutation Level Cooldown Transformation
11 250 rounds 60
12 225 rounds 65
13 200 rounds 70
14 175 rounds 75
15 150 rounds 80
16 125 rounds 85
17 100 rounds 90
18 75 rounds 95
19 50 rounds 100
20 25 rounds 105
Mutation Level Cooldown Transformation
21 0 rounds 110
22 -25 rounds 115
23 -50 rounds 120
24 -75 rounds 125
25 -100 rounds 130
26 -125 rounds 135
27 -150 rounds 140
28 -175 rounds 145
29 -200 rounds 150
30 -225 rounds 155

Creatures with Metamorphosis


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