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Experience or XP is awarded primarily when a player or creature kills another creature that is of a similar level or higher. XP drops off exponentially for killing creatures at lower levels. Creatures more than two level tiers below the attacker grant 0 experience. Experience can also be gained through non-violent means; refer to the Other Sources of Experience section below for more details.

When the player or another creature gains enough experience, they will level up, granting them the associated increases to attribute points, skill points, or mutation points depending on level.

Battle Experience Formula

Each creature has a unique base XP Value which is used to grant XP when the player or another creature kills it. This base value is modified depending on how the attacker's level compares to the target's level. XP is only granted to the creature who landed the final blow, as well that creature's followers and/or party leader. If the attacker is a dominated creature, the dominator will not gain experience unless the dominated creature is also a follower.

The following values are involved in the XP calculation:

  • XP Value: The target creature's base XP amount. You can find this value in the infobox on each creature's wiki page.
  • Tier Difference: The attacker's tier minus the victim's tier.
    • Victim Tier: Tier is calculated from level. It equals Floor(Level / 5). So, for example, levels 1-4 are Tier 0, levels 5-9 are Tier 1, and so on. You can find a creature's level listed in the infobox on its wiki page.
    • Attacker Tier: Tier is calculated from level the same way as described above.

The XP granted for a creature kill will be determined by taking the XP Value times the multiplier listed below (dependent on Tier Difference).

Tier Difference XP Granted
0 or lower 100% (1x)
1 50% (0.5x)
2 10% (0.1x)
3 or greater 0% (No XP)


View detailed XP on the addling urchin's wiki page

As an example, if an addling urchin (level 21, base xp 525) is killed, this is how experience would be rewarded:

Attacker Level XP Gained
1-24 525
25-29 262
30-34 52
35+ 0

List of Creature XP Values

For a full list of creature XP Values, you can refer to creatures by experience value.

Other Sources of Experience

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Leveling Up

The total experience required to reach level x is 15x3 + 100.[1]

When levelling up, a creature gains:

  • An attribute bonus every 3 levels. The exact attribute boost alternates. At level 3*n, the boost is:
    • If n is odd (levels 3, 9, 15, ...), gain 1 attribute point
    • If n is even (levels 6, 12, 18, ...), all attributes increase by 1 instead
  • 1 mutation point every level if they are not True Kin
  • +Toughness HP
  • 70 (if True Kin) or 50 (if Mutant) + 4 * (Int-10) Skill Points
  • If the creature has Carbide Chef, a 100% chance to become Inspired
  • A chance to name an equipped item


This information is reliable as of patch
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