Carbide Chef

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Carbide Chef
Skill Tree

Cooking and Gathering


100 sp


17 Intelligence



Whenever you gain a level, and 5% of the time you explore a new map, you become inspired for two days. While inspired, the next time you cook a meal by choosing ingredients, you get a choice of three dynamically-generated effects to apply. You create a recipe for the chosen effect.

With the Carbide Chef skill, the player will every so often receive the message, "You swell with inspiration to cook a mouthwatering meal." and become inspired. Note that the ingredient(s) used to cook your next meal will be required any time you want to cook that exact recipe again.

Factions That Teach Carbide Chef

Carbide Chef is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Carbide Chef