Tinker I

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Tinker I
Skill Tree



100 sp


19 Intelligence



You may build items from low-tier schematics and you get 1 free schematic. You can also recharge energy cells and capacitors.

Tinker I is a skill in the Tinkering tree which allows characters to recharge energy cells and construct low-tier schematics, as well as apply low-tier item mods to existing items.

Notable highlights from the low-tier schematics unlocked include:


Recharging an energy cell requires a single A bit for every 3000 units of charge, rounded down, but 1 at a minimum.[1] For example, recharging a chem cell from empty requires 3 A bits because its capacity is 10000, which when divided by 3000 gives 3 with a remainder. If you don't have enough bits for a full charge, you can choose to partially recharge, which consumes all of your A bits and gives 3000 charge for each one.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • The schematic crafting granted by Tinker I is only as good as the schematics one has learned. Thus, it is recommended to cook with sun-dried bananas and use the resulting Psychometry to learn the schematics for all the artifacts in one's inventory.
  • A single A bit restores 3000 units of charge, enough for one recoiler activation. Thus, for characters with Tinker I, it is wise to keep at least 1 A bit in reserve in case you need to recoil and all your cells are drained.
  • The ability to craft large numbers of low-tier energy cells is useful in the early game for tinkering or artifact-focused characters, who may not yet have found enough cells as loot out in the world to power all their artifacts.
  • Tinker I is a highly useful skill even for characters not focused on tinkering, as almost any character will appreciate the ability to recharge energy cells and craft large amounts of the consumable artifacts that Tinker I unlocks (e.g. low-tier ammunition, grenades, injectors, etc.)

Items that can be built using Tinker I

Item Bits
acid gas grenade mk I <00>
acid gas grenade mk II <00>
acid gas grenade mk III <001>
blaze injector <01>
chrome revolver <002>
chem cell <001>
used injector <00>
freeze grenade mk I <00>
freeze grenade mk II <00>
freeze grenade mk III <001>
combustion cell <002>
defoliant grenade mk I <001>
defoliant grenade mk II <002>
defoliant grenade mk III <003>
Issachar rifle <002>
droid scrambler <123>
EMP grenade mk I <00>
EMP grenade mk II <001>
EMP grenade mk III <002>
empty injector <00>
ergo chair <012>
fidget cell <001>
spring-turret grenade mk I <022>
flashbang grenade mk I <00>
flashbang grenade mk II <00>
flashbang grenade mk III <001>
fungicide grenade mk I <001>
fungicide grenade mk II <002>
fungicide grenade mk III <003>
goggles <12>
gravity grenade mk I <012>
grenade launcher <0023>
HE Missile <CD1>
thermal grenade mk I <00>
thermal grenade mk II <00>
thermal grenade mk III <001>
high explosive grenade mk I <00>
high explosive grenade mk II <00>
high explosive grenade mk III <001>
hulk honey injector <01>
lead slug <D>
lead-acid cell <001>
love injector <01>
Item Bits
magnetized boots <013>
mirrorshades <03>
musket <002>
nanopneumatic jackhammer <123>
night-vision goggles <0003>
normality gas grenade mk I <001>
normality gas grenade mk II <002>
normality gas grenade mk III <003>
phase shift grenade mk I <002>
plasma grenade mk I <013>
poison gas grenade mk I <00>
poison gas grenade mk II <00>
poison gas grenade mk III <001>
pump shotgun <003>
rubbergum injector <01>
salve injector <01>
scrapasan chair <0CB>
semi-automatic pistol <0013>
shade oil injector <01>
shotgun shell <D>
skulk injector <01>
sleep gas grenade mk I <00>
sleep gas grenade mk II <00>
sleep gas grenade mk III <001>
solar cell <002>
spectacles <C2>
stasis grenade mk I <00>
stasis grenade mk II <001>
stasis grenade mk III <002>
stun rod <001>
stun gas grenade mk I <00>
stun gas grenade mk II <00>
stun gas grenade mk III <001>
resonance grenade mk I <00>
resonance grenade mk II <001>
resonance grenade mk III <002>
tattoo gun <012>
time dilation grenade mk I <002>
tread guard <003>
ulnar stimulators <003>
rolling chair <0CB>
wrist fan <0013>

Mods that can be learned using Tinker I

Mod Bit
Masterwork <1>
High Capacity <1>
Sturdy <1>
Airfoil <1>
Scoped <1>
Sharp <1>
Visored <1>
Fitted with cleats <1>
Slender <1>
Lacquered <1>
Padded <1>
Feathered <2>
Metered <2>
Scaled <2>
Wooly <2>
Spring-loaded <2>
Counterweighted <2>
Reinforced <2>
Fitted with filters <2>
Mod Bit
Flexiweaved <2>
Lanterned <2>
Willowy <2>
Drum-loaded <2>
Freezing <2>
Flaming <2>
Electrified <2>
Polarized <2>
Recycling <3>
Two-faced <3>
Spiked <3>
Six-fingered <3>
Serrated <3>
Gesticulating <3>
Nav <3>
Liquid-cooled <3>
Terrifying visage <3>
Serene visage <3>

Factions That Teach Tinker I

Tinker I is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Tinker I

  1. Tinkering_Tinker1.Recharge