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Energy cells are sources of power, or charge. They have a maximum capacity based on the type of cell. The more maximum charge the cell can hold, the higher tier the item is. There are two types of energy cell.

Energy Cells

Regular energy cells store power inside them. These can be sapped by juice saps. A character with tinkering skills can recharge them, or modify them to increase their maximum charge or passively recharge themselves above certain strata. The syphon baton can also recharge cells when used to hit certain targets.

By default, these cells will only display a vague measure of their current charge level. The true percentage can be seen if modded with Metered or the player is using a techscanning device such as an optical technoscanner.

Percentage Electrical
0% Drained
1-10% Very Low
11-25% Low
26-50% Used
51-75% Fresh
76-100% Full
Energy Cell Max Charge Max Charge (High Capacity) Radio-powered Recharge Speed Max Radio Charge Depth
fidget cell 2,500 3,750 10 2
solar cell 2,500 4,000 20 3
chem cell 10,000 15,000 10 2
nuclear cell 100,000 210,000 70 8
antimatter cell 200,000 440,000 80 9

Liquid Fueled Energy Cells

The second are liquid fueled, which store 8 drams of liquid instead, and consume the liquid inside as charge.

Liquid Cell ChargePerDram Max Charge
lead-acid cell 500 4,000
combustion cell 750 6,000
thermoelectric cell 5,000 40,000
biodynamic cell 7,500 60,000