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Energy Cell





Tinker skill

Tinker II

Bit required


AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier





OverloadableWhether this mod is power-load sensitive, and
can be further enhanced by the overloaded mod


Distorts realityWhether this item is susceptible
to normality effects




Radio-powered: This item can be recharged via broadcast power.
This object has a broadcast power receiver that can pick up electrical charge either from satellites if not too far underground or from a nearby broadcast power transmitter.

radio-powered is a mod that can be applied to all energy cells excluding ones that are fueled by liquid. When modded to an energy cell, they will passively recharge themselves as long as the player character is close enough to the surface, or in the same zone as a working broadcast power station. This is an application of broadcast power.

Recharge speed

The speed that this mod recharges cells depends on the cell's tier, in which the charge rate is 10 * tier every game tick. The max depth that the cell can be recharged at is 1 + tier deep. If the cell can already charge using broadcast power, it uses the greater charge rate and max depth. Energy cells that charge through another method like fidget cells or solar cells will have the higher charge rate be used.[1]

Estimated Recharge Speed

Energy Cell MaxCharge Recharge Speed Max Depth
Fidget cell 2,500 10 2
Chem cell 10,000 10 2
Solar cell 2,500 20 3
Nuclear cell 100,000 70 8
Antimatter cell 200,000 80 9

Satellite Power Occlusion

This section is an excerpt from Broadcast power#Satellite Power Occlusion.

Occasionally, the radio signals used to broadcast power via satellite will be blocked by random objects. These causes can be either "orbital debris", "a glass storm", "a flock of birds", "acid rain", "drift film", or "an unidentified anomaly", and the exact cause of occlusion can be seen upon viewing the item with a techscanning apparatus. The exact percentages are located within GlobalConfig.json. By default, there is a 0.5% chance a game tick of the radio waves being occluded, preventing any charge to devices with a broadcast power receiver. Once they are blocked, there is a 1.5% chance every game tick of clearing up and resuming to charge.[2]

Satellite power being occluded does not interfere with power from broadcast power stations.


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