Tinker II

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Tinker II
Skill Tree


Prerequisite Skills

Tinker I


200 sp


23 Intelligence



You may build items from medium-tier schematics and you get 1 free schematic.

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This article looks like it has no description. You can write a bit about Tinker II by editing it. Remove this template once a description is added.

Items that can be built using Tinker II

Item Bits
Arc winder.pngarc winder <0245>
Bioscanning bracelet.pngbio-scanning bracelet <0024>
Biodynamic cell.pngbiodynamic cell <035>
Bloodgradient hand vacuum.pngblood-gradient hand vacuum <0456>
Carbine.pngcarbine <0014>
Chain laser.pngchain laser <0005>
Chain pistol.pngchain pistol <0014>
Chaingun.pngchaingun <004>
Combat shotgun.pngcombat shotgun <0014>
Defoliant pump.pngdefoliant pump <0024>
Dithermo beam.pngdi-thermo beam <0246>
Displacer bracelet.pngdisplacer bracelet <0046>
Eigenpistol.pngeigenpistol <0005>
Eigenrifle.pngeigenrifle <0005>
Electrobow.pngelectrobow <0024>
Springturret grenade mk ii.pngspring-turret grenade mk II <024>
Springturret grenade mk iii.pngspring-turret grenade mk III <045>
Flamethrower.pngflamethrower <0004>
Force bracelet.pngforce bracelet <0034>
Freeze ray.pngfreeze ray <12345>
Fungicide pump.pngfungicide pump <0024>
Gas tumbler.pnggas tumbler <00456>
Gaslight chisel.pnggaslight chisel <0004>
Gaslight kris.pnggaslight kris <0004>
Gaslight flyssa.pnggaslight flyssa <0004>
Geomagnetic disc.pnggeomagnetic disc <00126>
Gravity grenade mk ii.pnggravity grenade mk II <024>
Gravity grenade mk iii.pnggravity grenade mk III <356>
Gyrocopter backpack.pnggyrocopter backpack <0045>
Hand rail.pnghand rail <00006>
Highpowered magnet.pnghigh-powered magnet <0056>
Hologram bracelet.pnghologram bracelet <0034>
Hoversled.pnghoversled <0034>
Hypertractor.pnghypertractor <23456>
Laser pistol.pnglaser pistol <0004>
Laser rifle.pnglaser rifle <0004>
Light rail.pnglight rail <0006>
Maghammer.pngmaghammer <0345>
Magnetic bottle.pngmagnetic bottle <0246>
Item Bits
Missile launcher.pngmissile launcher <0004>
Eaters nectar injector.pngEaters' nectar injector <06>
Ninefold boots.pngninefold boots <012346>
Normality gas pump.pngnormality gas pump <0005>
Nuclear cell.pngnuclear cell <006>
Nullray pistol.pngnullray pistol <0056>
Ontological anchor.pngontological anchor <0246>
Plasma grenade mk ii.pngplasma grenade mk II <024>
Plasma grenade mk iii.pngplasma grenade mk III <356>
Pointdefense drone.pngpoint-defense drone <0256>
Portable wall.pngportable wall <0034>
Prayer rod.pngprayer rod <004>
Precinct navigator.pngprecinct navigator <0B24>
Programmable recoiler.pngprogrammable recoiler <12234>
Recycling suit.pngrecycling suit <0034>
Reprogrammable recoiler.pngreprogrammable recoiler <12346>
Rocket skates.pngrocket skates <0025>
Randompoint recoiler.pngrandom-point recoiler <1234>
Slip ring.pngslip ring <0035>
Sniper rifle.pngsniper rifle <0014>
Sphynx salt injector.pngsphynx salt injector <05>
Spiral borer.pngspiral borer <0034>
Sprayabrain.pngSpray-a-Brain <0056>
Step sowers.pngstep sowers <012345>
Powered exoskeleton.pngpowered exoskeleton <006>
Structural scanning bracelet.pngstructural scanning bracelet <0024>
Syphon baton.pngsyphon baton <00445>
Telemetric visor.pngtelemetric visor <0005>
Thermo cask.pngthermo cask <0046>
Thermoelectric cell.pngthermoelectric cell <024>
Time dilation grenade mk ii.pngtime dilation grenade mk II <024>
Time dilation grenade mk iii.pngtime dilation grenade mk III <046>
Turbow.pngturbow <00245>
Ubernostrum injector.pngubernostrum injector <05>
Vibro blade.pngvibro blade <0015>
Vibro dagger.pngvibro dagger <0004>
Visage.pngVISAGE <001246>
Wrist calc.pngwrist calc <0124>

Mods that can be learned using Tinker II

Mod Bit
Jacked <4>
Radio-powered <4>
Electromagnetically-shielded <5>
Refractive <5>
Overloaded <5>
Displacer <6>
Nulling <6>
Phase-conjugate <6>
Phase-harmonic <6>
Co-processor <6>
Beamsplitter <6>

Factions That Teach Tinker II

Tinker II is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Tinker II