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This is the skill. For the category of items, check Category:Shields.
Disambiguation This is the skill. For the category of items, check Category:Shields.
Skill Tree



100 sp


0 Strength



You are skilled at wielding shields.

Skills in the Shield skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Skill Required Description
Block 0 0 Strength As long as you wield a shield, there is a 50% chance you block one melee attack per round. When you block an attack, you add the shield's AV bonus to your AV for that attack. If you equip multiple shields, the one block per round limit is per shield, and you only can attempt to block a given attack once, using your best usable shield.
Shield Slam 100 17 Strength Activated; cooldown 40. You attempt to knock an opponent down and deal (strength modifier)d4 + your shield's AV bonus in damage. Your opponent gets a chance to resist (strength save; difficulty 20 + your strength modifier). Whenever you charge an opponent with a shield equipped, you get a free Shield Slam attack against them.
Swift Blocking 200 19 Agility You may block an additional attack per round.
Deft Blocking 200 19 Agility Your chance to block with a shield improves to 75%.
Staggering Block 200 21 Strength Whenever you block an opponent's attack, there is a (Strength*2)-35% chance that your opponent is stunned for 1d2 rounds.
Shield Wall 200 25 Willpower For the next three rounds, you automatically block all incoming melee attacks (may not be used with bucklers).

Factions that teach Shield

Available Shields

Handheld Shields

Shield AV DV
Vaams lens.pngVa'am's lens ♦6 ○-2
Burnished fullerite shield.pngburnished fullerite shield ♦5 ○-4
Fullerite aegis.pngfullerite aegis ♦5 ○-4
Carbide shield.pngcarbide shield ♦4 ○-3
Eyeless crab shell.pngeyeless crab shell ♦4 ○-3
Steel shield.pngsteel shield ♦3 ○-2

Arm-Worn Bucklers

Shield AV DV
Stopsvalinn.pngStopsvalinn ♦3 ○0
Steel buckler.pngsteel buckler ♦2 ○-1
Iron buckler.pngiron buckler ♦2 ○-3
Wooden buckler.pngwooden buckler ♦1 ○-1