Snake Oiler

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Snake Oiler
Skill Tree



150 sp


19 Ego



For purposes of bartering, your ego is treated as though it were 4 points higher.

Because of the way the Trading Multiplier Formula works, Ego scores higher than 34 do not affect trading value any more than a value of 34. Thus, Snake Oiler is only useful for characters with an Ego of 33 or lower, and its full bonus is only felt by characters with an Ego of 30 or lower.

Snake Oiler can be learned via the Water Ritual from legendary members of the Consortium of Phyta; this includes Asphodel, Earl of Omonporch, who is guaranteed to exist at Omonporch.

Ego Score Benefit Gained
12 - 30 Full benefit
31 - 33 Partial benefit
34 - ∞ No benefit

Factions That Teach Snake Oiler

Creatures That Have Snake Oiler