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Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding the quest Raising Indrix. Proceed at your own discretion.
Mamon Souldrinker
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Children of Mamon (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

goatfolk corpse (5%)

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1900 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Mamon Souldrinker

Mamon stands nearly a head taller than his kin and broader at the shoulders. Great tufts of blood-matted hair, some of which is braided, tassel out from his head and chin, and a tattered, crimson headdress hangs from one of his colossal horns. In long swaths on his bare chest the fur is scorched and the skin flayed. He wears a sarong wrapped about his waist, its wool fibers sodden with a foul, inky liquid. His face is a vision of madness, at once the countenance of a rapturous crone and a child in fright.


Mamon Souldrinker is a legendary goatfolk and the leader of the Children of Mamon.


Mamon Souldrinker is a powerful, mutated goatfolk who was driven insane by his wielding of the amaranthine prism, an artifact created by the ancient being Ptoh. He believes himself to be "wrought of his own dream stuff", and that he will guide his followers, the Children of Mamon, to "Amaranth", a "deathless city".[1] The wild-eyed watervine merchant says of him: "You don't talk with that mangoat -- you listen to him."

Warden Indrix, Goatfolk Pariah claims to be Mamon Souldrinker's younger brother. He calls Mamon a "mighty shaman", and says that the amaranthine prism "refracts the psyche of its handler in much the same way... a common prism refracts light". He warns the player not to get to close to Mamon, as "his power is most potent when he may lay hands on you".


Mamon Souldrinker is pivotal to the Raising Indrix quest, where Warden Indrix tasks the player with retrieving the amaranthine prism from Mamon. Due to the prism's "cursed" nature, it can only be retrieved by killing Mamon. The player must then return the prism to Indrix to complete the quest. Indrix gives the player directions on how to find Mamon, and warns them not to return "bearing" the amaranthine prism, saying that he "needn't warn" the player of the consequences.


Mamon can be reached by heading immediately south of Kyakukya, where they will find a river. The river must then be followed to the east; as the player travels, they will pass by a ransacked goatfolk village, littered with the "flayed" and "charred" corpses of goatfolk. Eventually, the player will come upon a zone where the river is tainted with blood, and where smoke can be seen emanating from one side of the screen. Immediately after this zone, in the direction of the smoke, will be Mamon's "village lair", where he can be found alongside several goatfolk thralls.[2][3]


Mamon will be hostile to the player by default, but can be made neutral or even friendly if the player's reputation with the Children of Mamon is sufficiently high.

Amaranthine Prism

The amaranthine prism is a unique item worn in the Floating Nearby slot. It grants its wearer an Ego bonus that gradually increases the longer it has been worn; however, it also decreases the users Willpower proportionally.

The amaranthine prism is notable for being impossible to remove once equipped; this means wielding the prism is inevitably fatal, as it will eventually reduce the user's Willpower to 0, killing them.

When Mamon is first encountered, the prism will boost his Ego and penalize his Willpower by 8.[4]


Like other goatfolk, Mamon possesses innate weaponry in the form of his massive horns(favilink error!), which are considered both a Short Blade and a Shield. They deal ♥1d31-3 (Avg: 2) damage and provide 2 ♦AV when used to successfully block an attack.[5]

Mamon's inventory will randomly be populated with items from Melee Weapons 3, Armor 3, and Junk 3.[6][7] This means his weapons and equipment can vary wildly.

Besides these items, Mamon will always possess a bloody carbide dagger.[8][9]


Mamon possesses the Shake It Off and Block skills.[6] Shake It Off grants Mamon a Toughness-based save against the dazed and stunned effects, while also reducing the initial damage and duration of poison by 25%. Block allows Mamon to block attacks more frequently with his horns or any shields he may come equipped with.


Mamon derives his mutations from the same system used to determine the mutations of goatfolk shamans. He will always have one physical mutation and one mental mutation, each with a base level of 1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) and boosted by his Ego modifier in the case of the mental mutation.[10][11] Due to his title of "Souldrinker", he will also have Syphon Vim at base level 1, boosted by his Ego modifier.[12]


Mamon will never spawn liked or loved by goatfolk or the Fellowship of Wardens.

Mamon is extremely resistant to being set on fire, having a flaming temperature of 14550°.[13]

Water Ritual

If Mamon is made neutral or friendly to the player, they can perform the water ritual with him. The player can then trade secrets with him or recruit him as a companion in exchange for reputation with the Children of Mamon.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Mamon's mental mutations will be extremely powerful due to the amaranthine prism he wields; however, his equipment will be no better than other goatfolk.
  • His abilities will have longer cooldowns due to the amaranthine prism drastically reducing his Willpower, meaning he cannot use them very often.
    • Consequently, he will also be quite vulnerable to mental attacks himself, such as from Confusion and Sunder Mind.
  • Sources of normality may be useful to combat his powerful mental mutations, depending on what he receives.


  • Prior to patch, the river leading to Mamon was generated north of Kyakukya rather than south of it.


This information is reliable as of patch
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