Trash Divining

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Trash Divining
Skill Tree

Customs and Folklore


150 sp


21 Intelligence



Whenever you rifle through trash, there's a 5% chance you piece together clues and learn a random secret.

Trash Divining grants the Rifle through Trash ability, which provides a small chance that the player character discovers a random secret when they rifle through trash.

Trash Divining and Scavenger stack. Both can activate during the same rifling attempt.

Advantages and disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Normally the player must spend reputation, cook with expensive and rare psychal gland paste, or just get lucky to find secrets. Trash Divining significantly increases the player's opportunities to find secrets with minimal effort.
  • Trash Divining can find high-value secrets that are difficult to find otherwise.
  • Rifling in bulk offsets the low percentage chance. Discover a lot of secrets (and, with Scavenger, scrap) at places with a lot of trash, like a rusty biome or Golgotha.


  • The Intelligence requirement (21) is relatively high, so only some builds will have access to it in the early to midgame.
  • The majority of secrets in the game are of dubious use to the player. Trash Divining is just as likely to reveal the location of a Historic Site as it is to reveal random gossip.

Factions That Teach Trash Divining

Creatures That Have Trash Divining