Customs and Folklore

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Customs and Folklore
Skill Tree

Customs and Folklore


150 sp


19 Intelligence



You are familiar with the customs and folklore of Qud.

Customs and Folklore is a base skill that unlocks skills related to improving relationships. More reputation can be gained from water rituals, and more secrets can be gained to trade for reputation.

Skills in the Customs and Folklore skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Prerequisites Description
Tactful 0 19 Intelligence Whenever you begin the water ritual with a new creature, you gain 25 bonus reputation. If you purchase this power after you treat with a creature, you gain 25 bonus reputation the next time you treat with them.
Trash Divining 150 21 Intelligence Whenever you rifle through trash, there's a 5% chance you piece together clues and learn a random secret.

Factions That Teach Customs and Folklore

Creatures That Have Customs and Folklore