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Skill Tree



50 sp


0 Strength



You are skilled with crushing and bludgeoning weapons.

Cudgel is the base skill for the Cudgel skill tree. Cudgel is unique in the fact that items that are not conventionally considered weapons that are wielded as a weapon default to a ♥1d2 damage weapon that uses the Cudgel skill. Because of this, Cudgel is the most common skill tree that weapons use.

Cudgels specialize in incapacitating the enemy under a hail of blows, dazing and stunning them before crushing them entirely.

Skills in the Cudgel skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Prerequisites Description
Cudgel Proficiency 0 0 Strength You get +2 to hit with cudgels.
Bludgeon 150 17 Strength Whenever you hit with a cudgel, there's a 50% chance to daze your opponent (-4 int, -4 agi, -10 movespeed) for 3-4 rounds. If you daze a dazed opponent, they're stunned for 1 round instead (cannot take actions and 0 DV).
Charging Strike (Cudgel) 100 19 Strength Bludgeon Charge When you charge with a cudgel and hit, you automatically daze your opponent.
Conk 150 21 Strength Bludgeon Activated; cooldown 10. You make an attack with a cudgel at an adjacent opponent. If you hit, you automatically daze your opponent. If your opponent is already stunned, you instead knock them unconscious for 30-40 rounds (unconscious opponents wake up dazed when they take damage).
Backswing 100 23 Strength Whenever you make a cudgel attack with your primary hand, there's a 25% chance you make an additional free attack with the same hand.
Slam 150 25 Strength Activated; cooldown 50. Cudgel attack, +1 penetration roll. A hit knocks your opponent back up to 3 spaces, pushing creatures and breaking through walls if their AVs are under 5 times your Str modifier. Stuns for 1 round plus 1 round for each space pushed. Being pushed through or into a wall does extra weapon damage each time. Can also destroy a wall or door if its AV is under 5 times your Str modifier.
Demolish 300 29 Strength Slam Activated; cooldown 100. For the next 5 rounds, your chance to daze with cudgel attacks is 100% and Slam has no cooldown. To use Demolish, Slam must be off cooldown, and using Demolish puts Slam on cooldown.

Weapons That Use the Cudgel Skill

Factions That Teach Cudgel

Cudgel is not taught by any of Qud's persistent factions. However, procedurally generated factions such as village factions can teach randomly chosen skills as part of their water ritual.

Creatures That Have Cudgel