Oboroqoru, Ape God

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Oboroqoru, Ape God
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apes (Loved100 Reputation)




male (He/Him/His/His/Himself/god/godling/lord/Son/Brother/Father)

Corpse Dropped

Fist of the Ape God (100%)

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2000 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Oboroqoru, Ape God

You stand not at the foot of a wintry knoll but beneath a mountain of muscle, swathed in blanched fur, that must be nature's crowning jewel. Cast from the mold of the great apes (or perhaps the exemplar from which those apes were molded), the living god differs only in that He bears not two but six arms, each of which might be the fleeced bole of an ancient yew. His fists are of proportions that suggest the might with which hoary gods beat the mountains into shape when the earth was young. However, His aspect bears not a shred of that divine fury; He doesn't rage but instead sits in contemplation of eons.


Oboroqoru, Ape God is a legendary creature belonging to the apes faction.


Oboroqoru, as His name implies, is the "god" of apes. He appears to be worshipped by members of the apes faction, as well as by the villagers of Kyakukya. A statue of Oboroqoru can be found within Kyakukya that is tended to by worshippers of various species. These worshippers adhere to a rite that involves scrubbing their face regularly with water in order to keep it clean, hoping that by "presenting unsullied faces to the idol of their ape god", they will "propitiate him and garner his favor and protection". Additionally, while they allow vines and overgrowth to take to Oboroqoru's statue, they make a point to clear it away where it "has threatened to obscure Oboroqoru's gentle countenance".

Mayor Nuntu states that he owed his initial acceptance by the villagers of Kyakukya to "the countenance [he] share[s]" with Oboroqoru.

Whether Oboroqoru is an actual god, or if "god" is simply a title, is uncertain.


An example of the bottom level of Oboroqoru's lair.

Oboroqoru can be found in His lair, which will be located in a random jungle or River Svy tile generally not far east of Kyakukya. The lair is considered a holy place for apes, and thus any members of the apes faction who reside there will be hostile to a player who is not at least favored by apes, including Oboroqoru Himself.

Oboroqoru's lair extends 9 strata below the surface. Each stratum of the lair will consist of a single, jungle-like zone filled with tanglewood trees, swarmshade trees, shimscale mangrove trees, and banana trees. Each zone will be populated with various members of the apes and baboons factions, including albino apes, ogre apes, cyclopean gibbons, baboons, hulking baboons, and shrewd baboons.[1][2] Each zone also has a 45% chance to contain a chest containing 2-4 items from Junk 7. The bottom of the lair will always contain Oboroqoru Himself, as well as a chest containing 2-4 items from Junk 6.[3]

The location of Oboroqoru's lair is a secret that can be learned through various methods, most notably by performing the water ritual with legendary apes. Albino apes also have a small chance to spawn as "pilgrims" who will attempt to travel to the lair; the player can potentially follow these pilgrims to discover the lair's location.


Mighty Fists

Oboroqoru attacks in melee with His six mighty fists. Each fist is a natural cudgel weapon that deals ♥4d44-16 (Avg: 10) damage and will have a penetration value of 22 due to His immense Strength.[4]


Oboroqoru possesses every skill in the Cudgel skill tree, serving to make His fists even more deadly. These allow Oboroqoru to Slam the player as well as inflict them with dazed and stunned, among other things.

Oboroqoru also possesses every skill from the Dual Wield tree, though only His upper left hand will benefit from the passive effects of these skills due to His extra arms being granted by the Multiple Arms mutation. He does gain use of the Flurry ability, however.


Oboroqoru possesses a special version of the Multiple Arms mutation at mutation level 1, which grants him 4 additional arms instead of 2. He also possesses Thick Fur, which slightly boosts his heat resistance and cold resistance.


Oboroqoru does not randomly wander and will never move voluntarily unless He becomes hostile towards a creature.

If the player kills Oboroqoru, the reputation penalties and bonuses they will receive with Oboroqoru's related factions will be far greater than other legendary creatures, roughly 4 times the normal amount. This means the player will receive about -800 reputation with factions that loved Oboroqoru, -400 with factions that liked Him, +400 with factions that disliked Him, and +800 with factions that hated Him.[4]

On death, Oboroqoru has a 100% chance to drop the Fist of the Ape God instead of a corpse.[4] Killing Him also grants the achievement The Woe of Apes.

Water Ritual

If the player performs the water ritual with Oboroqoru and has sufficient reputation with apes, He can teach them the Conk skill. The player can also trade secrets with Oboroqoru, or even recruit Him as a companion, in this way.

Performing the water ritual with Oboroqoru earns the player the In Contemplation of Eons achievement.[5]


[ Oboroqoru, Ape God ]

*Oboroqoru, Ape God ignores you and muses.*

1) Live and drink. [End]


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