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River Svy

Svy urges over the salt-capped peaks and spills into the vine-braided loam. Her banks are shaded by the chrome carcasses of giants.

River Opal

The Spindle scintillates in watery effigy on her surface. She ferries crushed granite through a mountain pass and into her leafy firth.

River Yonth

Yonth breaks the massif to the strange East and ushers its nameless waters into Qud. Fish-things feed on her basalt chips.

Opal's Duskwaters

The umbrage of the bough wrings the warmth from Opal's waters and leave behind a shady pool.

mountain stream

Old alps opened in the ageless past fill with a cool brine.


River terrain is potentially very hazardous for characters of any level. This is in large part because of madpoles. There are five different rivers that span Qud, though all follow the same generation tables.

Notable Locations


River Creatures

Possible Lair Owners

Lairs of legendary insects, fish, unshelled reptiles, and mollusks can all be found in river zones.

River Plants

River Ingredients

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  • Prior to the addition of Lake Hinnom and the Palladium Reef, there was one small river tile to the west of the Rainbow Wood, which the game considered part of the River Yonth.