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This is a compilation of player-submitted recipes generated via Carbide Chef. For those overwhelmed by the choices that cooking opens up, or for those looking for interesting combinations they haven't thought of before, this is for you!

If you add a recipe, please leave other players' recipes intact.

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Q girl.png < Quetzal! What are you making, friend?
What is the nature of this thing we cook? Or of the act itself? > Mayor nuntu.png

Freshwater with Love Latkes

congealed love, vinewafer sheaf

Whenever you drink freshwater, there's a 25% chance you beguile a creature as per Beguiling at level 7-8.
> Somewhat less broken now that drinking water takes a turn and not drinking it if you're going to throw up doesn't proc it anymore, but still a very easy way to permanently beguile a strong creature at a low level.

Creep Knish and Pistol Cheese

congealed skulk, congealed hulk honey

Whenever you perform a critical hit, you have a 50% chance to Dismember or Slam your opponent.
> Goes well with weak spotter. the dismember/slam only works with adjacent opponents, but still powerful.

Roasted Glimmer Increaser

lava, convalessence

Can use Pyrokinesis at level 1-2. If you already have Pyrokinesis, it's enhanced by 2-3 levels.
Can use Cryokinesis at level 1-2. If you already have Cryokinesis, it's enhanced by 2-3 levels.
> Intended to be ingredients that can be easily found, with 2 mental mutations that, if you have a decent ego bonus, can push your glimmer over the threshold to start finding hunters early. Somewhat annoying to properly get even with Carbide Chef's three chances. If you have Spicer, you could also use bananas as a third mental mutation.

Spooky Doughnut and Lag Pastry in Velvety Mazebeard

dried lah petals, mashed lag, mazebeard gland paste

+2 MA.
+4 Willpower.
Can use Confusing Breath at level 5. If you already have Confusing Breath, it's enhanced by 5 levels.
> A boost to Mental Armor and immunity to Confusion makes this recipe very useful for fighting espers.

Lusty Pastry with Fungus Knish and Grilled Bananas

congealed love, pickled mushrooms, sun-dried banana

+4 Ego.
Whenever you eat a mushroom, you identify all artifacts on the local map.
> No more blind purchases! Eating a pickled mushroom will let you identify merchant inventories without telemetry, and if you find something you like, the extra Ego will make sure it is within reach.

Hot Pastry with Moss Knish and Grilled Elder Flamebeard

concentrated flamebeard gland paste, crushed grave moss, cured dawnglider tail

Can use Fire Breath at level 10. If you already have Fire Breath, it's enhanced by 10 levels.
Whenever you deal fire damage, there is a 10% chance you cause plants to spontaneously grow in a nearby area.
> Burning your enemies will create plants. Burning your own plants will create more plants. Eventually aloe pyra will dominate the area since they are immune to fire, and their burning attacks will let you turn caves into lava swamps.

Cool Soup in Starapples, Boar Jerky, and Dolma

boar jerky, starapple jam, convalessence

Can use Ice Breath at level 1-2. If you already have Ice Breath, it's enhanced by 2-3 levels. Whenever you drop below 20% HP, you stop bleeding.
> Going into Bethesda Susa? Now you don't have to worry about the cold or accidentally tromping over several lurking beths in a row!

Smothered Neutrons over Twice Matz, God Soup, and Dolma

drop of nectar, cloning draught, neutron flux

25% chance to gain +1 Strength, Agility, Toughness, Intelligence, Willpower, and Ego permanently.

Causes you to multiply 1 to 3 times.

+1 AV permanently. Small chance of gravitational collapse.
> 75% chance you look like that one challenger on Iron Chef Japan who infused asparagus with the essence of about 20 homard lobsters and then just threw the lobsters away. Bonus 10% chance to kill you instantly. But if it works, you and 1-3 clones become permanently stronger!

Love-Bone Meal Glazed Lagroot

bone meal, congealed love, mashed lag

+2 AV.
+4 Ego.
+4 Willpower.
> A simple dish for espers.

Mushroom-Elixir Crumbled Bop Cheek

convalessence, freeze-dried hoarshrooms, sliced bop cheek

Can use Freezing Ray at level 1-2. If you already have Freezing Ray, it's enhanced by 2-3 levels.
Whenever you go prone, you gain 125-175 cold resist for 50 turns.
> Never get frozen again. The trick is to sit on a folding chair and grab it from under your butt.

Fillet with Aged Mirror Dust and Breaded Soul Curd

mirror dust, soul curd

Whenever you reflect damage, there is a 100% chance you heal 40-50 HP
> Introducing this into your diet along with a cozy quartzfur item will make you semi-immortal.