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drop of nectar
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Drop of Nectar


Cooking Effect

uncertain attribute-based effects

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drop of nectar

Eaters' nectar was extracted from its injector, thickened in the acrid air, and bottled for culinary use.


When a drop of nectar is used in a recipe, there is 25% chance to get +1 to all base Attributes (Agility, Strength, Toughness, Willpower, and Ego) permanently. This cannot be rerolled with Precognition.[1] No matter the outcome, this will reseed the mutation pool next time a mutation is bought, as well as resetting brain brine's random seed.[2]

If in a named recipe, the name can have the adjectives "god", "divine", "godly" or the noun "nectar".


Besides being preservable from an Eaters' nectar injector, a drop of nectar can be occasionally bought from chefs and kippers; the chance to stock it heavily depends on the current zone tier. It is one of the few ingredients that never appear in a dynamically generated clay oven.[3] Cooking with a canned Have-It-All has a 1.52% chance of replicating the drop of nectar's effects.


This information is reliable as of patch
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