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arsplice seed
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Arsplice Seed


Harvested from

arsplice hyphae

On Eat

Heals HP

Spawns in


arsplice seed

Millennia of chymified metropolis that's fed the grass-coral-fungi hybrid shadow-forking in its guts are resorbed inside the seed coat of an eco wad.

Beams of snug warmth sprout like fractals inside your body.

— upon consuming

The arsplice seed is a very rare food item that is used to craft Eaters' nectar injectors. It can only be found in high tier areas, or harvested from rare ripe arsplice hyphae. Upon consuming an arsplice seed, the creature will heal to full health and then recuperate.

Effects of Recuperating

This section is an excerpt from Recuperating#Effects of Recuperating.

When a creature recuperates, they are fully cleansed of all of the following specific negative status effects.[1][2][3]

Recuperating from any of these effects is typically accompanied with a message in the message log. For example, You are no longer choking! appears when the choking on ash effect is healed.


This information is reliable as of patch
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This information is reliable as of patch