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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Food is a type of item that can be consumed or cooked with to satiate hunger or thirst.

Food Hunger Thirst Cooking Effect
Food Hunger Thirst Cooking Effect
Arsplice seed.png Arsplice seed None
Banana.png Banana Snack 250
Barkbiter jerky.png Barkbiter jerky Snack HP-based
Bear jerky.png Bear jerky Snack HP-based
Beetle jerky.png Beetle jerky Snack HP-based
Black puma haunch.png Black puma haunch Meal
Boar jerky.png Boar jerky Snack HP-based
Bone meal.png Bone meal None armor-based
Bop cheek.png Bop cheek Snack
Bundle of noisegrass.png Bundle of noisegrass Snack 0
Canned haveitall.png Canned Have-It-All Snack random
Clump of grave moss.png Clump of grave moss Snack 0
Compacted bone matter.png Compacted bone matter Snack 0
Concentrated dreambeard gland paste.png Concentrated dreambeard gland paste None powerful sleep gas-breathing
Concentrated flamebeard gland paste.png Concentrated flamebeard gland paste None powerful fire-breathing
Concentrated gallbeard gland paste.png Concentrated gallbeard gland paste None powerful poison gas-breathing
Concentrated mazebeard gland paste.png Concentrated mazebeard gland paste None powerful confusion gas-breathing
Concentrated nullbeard gland paste.png Concentrated nullbeard gland paste None powerful normality gas-breathing
Concentrated sleetbeard gland paste.png Concentrated sleetbeard gland paste None powerful ice-breathing
Concentrated stillbeard gland paste.png Concentrated stillbeard gland paste None powerful stun gas-breathing
Concentrated tartbeard gland paste.png Concentrated tartbeard gland paste None powerful corrosive gas-breathing
Congealed blaze.png Congealed blaze None heat and fire-based
Congealed hulk honey.png Congealed hulk honey None strength-based
Congealed love.png Congealed love None love and loyalty-based
Congealed rubbergum.png Congealed rubbergum None rubber-based
Congealed salve.png Congealed salve None regeneration and healing-based
Congealed shade oil.png Congealed shade oil None phasing-based
Congealed skulk.png Congealed skulk None agility-based
Congealed skulk.png Congealed skulk None burrowing-based
Congealed skulk.png Congealed skulk None darkness-based
Crab jerky.png Crab jerky Snack HP-based
Croc jerky.png Croc jerky Snack HP-based
Crushed grave moss.png Crushed grave moss None powerful plant-based
Crusty loaf.png Crusty loaf None simple taste-based
Crystal of eve.png Crystal of Eve None
Cured dawnglider tail.png Cured dawnglider tail None heat and fire-based
Dawnglider tail.png Dawnglider tail Snack
Dreadroot tuber.png Dreadroot tuber Snack
Dream smoke.png Dream smoke None dissociation-based
Dreambeard gland paste.png Dreambeard gland paste None sleep gas-breathing
Dreambeard gland.png Dreambeard gland Snack
Dried lah petals.png Dried lah petals None fear-based
Dried vanta petals.png Dried vanta petals None darkness-based
Drop of nectar.png Drop of nectar None uncertain attribute-based
Eaters flesh.png Eater's flesh None
Ekuemekiyyen greens.png Ekuemekiyyen greens None simple plant-based
Elder dreambeard gland.png Elder dreambeard gland Snack
Elder flamebeard gland.png Elder flamebeard gland Snack
Elder gallbeard gland.png Elder gallbeard gland Snack
Elder mazebeard gland.png Elder mazebeard gland Snack
Elder nullbeard gland.png Elder nullbeard gland Snack
Elder sleetbeard gland.png Elder sleetbeard gland Snack
Elder stillbeard gland.png Elder stillbeard gland Snack
Elder tartbeard gland.png Elder tartbeard gland Snack
Eyeless crab legs.png Eyeless crab legs Snack
Eyeless king crab legs.png Eyeless king crab legs Snack
Fermented tongue.png Fermented tongue None tongue-based
Fermented yondercane.png Fermented yondercane None teleport-based
Fermented yuckwheat stem.png Fermented yuckwheat stem None disease prevention and curing-based
Fire ant gaster paste.png Fire ant gaster paste None heat and fire-based
Fire ant gaster.png Fire ant gaster Snack
Fish jerky.png Fish jerky Snack HP-based
Flamebeard gland paste.png Flamebeard gland paste None fire-breathing
Flamebeard gland.png Flamebeard gland Snack
Flower.png Flower Snack 0
Flowers.png Flowers (item) Snack 0
Food cube.png Food cube Meal random
Freezedried hoarshrooms.png Freeze-dried hoarshrooms None cold-based
Freezedried hoarshrooms.png Freeze-dried hoarshrooms None fungus-based
Frog jerky.png Frog jerky Snack HP-based
Gallbeard gland paste.png Gallbeard gland paste None poison gas-breathing
Gallbeard gland.png Gallbeard gland Snack
Goat jerky.png Goat jerky Snack HP-based
Hoarshroom.png Luminous hoarshroom (food) Meal
Humble pie.png Humble pie Snack
Hunk of cheese.png Hunk of cheese Snack
Lagroot tuber.png Lagroot tuber Snack
Lah petals.png Lah petals Snack 0
Lovers blossom.png Lover's blossom Snack
Mashed lag.png Mashed lag None simple Willpower-based
Mazebeard gland paste.png Mazebeard gland paste None confusion gas-breathing
Mazebeard gland.png Mazebeard gland Snack
Mirror dust.png Mirror dust None powerful damage reflection-based
Mirror shard.png Mirror shard Snack
Nullbeard gland paste.png Nullbeard gland paste None normality gas-breathing
Nullbeard gland.png Nullbeard gland Snack
Phase silk.png Phase silk None phasing-based
Pickled mushrooms.png Pickled mushrooms None fungus-based
Pickles.png Pickles None water and thirst-based
Plump mushroom.png Plump mushroom Snack
Psychal gland paste.png Psychal gland paste None secret-based
Psychal gland.png Psychal gland Snack
Qudzu stem.png Qudzu stem Snack
Raw barkbiter meat.png Raw barkbiter meat Meal
Raw bear meat.png Raw bear meat Meal
Raw beetle meat.png Raw beetle meat Meal
Raw boar meat.png Raw boar meat Meal
Raw croc meat.png Raw croc meat Meal
Raw fish meat.png Raw fish meat Meal
Raw frog meat.png Raw frog meat Meal