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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Thirst is a mechanic that works as a pseudo timer against the player. It decreases over time, and must be quenched to prevent dying of thirst. If autodrink is turned on and thirst passes the specified threshhold, the player character will automatically drink (or pour on themselves, if they have the Amphibious mutation) a dram of Water.pngwater and increase their water level by 10,000. It is not possible to drink liquids if frozen.

Levels of Thirst

Thirst level Thirst level (Amphibious) Thirst
Tumescent Soaked >30,000
Quenched Wet ≤30,000
Thirsty Moist ≤20,000
Parched Dry ≤10,000
Dehydrated! Dessicated! 0

There is also a hidden max water level one creature can hold, which is 50,000. The game will advise the player if drinking something will put this over the limit. Drinking too much will force the creature to vomit and have their thirst level set to 20,000-30,000 less than the max water level. A Putrescence.pngputrescence pool will also spawn.

Effects of Thirst

If the player character is at 0 water, every action causes the character to save against a penetration roll against toughness, 1d(toughness modifier) and a save target of 2. If all three penetration attempts fail, the character will take ♥ 2 damage.

Passive Thirst

How fast thirst decreases is calculated by the creature's Quickness divided by 5. If the creature has Amphibious, this amount is divided by 3 instead. Assuming that the creature has normal quickness, the water amount will decrease by 20 every action.

  • Fasting Way will be multiplied by by 0.66.
  • Mind over Body, will multiply the amount by 0.16.
  • Thirst will not decrease if asleep.
  • If the creature has Fatty Hump, thirst will decrease by a flat 1 instead.

Thirst in Combat

Several creatures have ways of removing or increasing a creatures thirst level. If the creature is Amphibious, The amount increased or decreased is divided by 10. Amphibious creatures are unable to go past their max water level (50,000) through this method.

  • Thirst thistle.pngthirst thistles are stationary plant turrets that fire bullets. If these hit, thirst is decreased by 1-60,000 units.[1]
    • Sludges bearing \salty pseudopods will dessicate target instead, setting their thirst level to 0.


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