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When on/in other objects/liquids:
wet or dilute liquid
wet object
water-stained object
Vaporizes at

100°, into Scalding steam

Base temperature


Value per dram


Weight per dram






Cleaning factor


Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?




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There are two major forms of water that the player will encounter. If in a pure form, water is rendered as fresh water. Salt water is much more common and cannot be used to satiate thirst or be used for trading. Adding water to any other liquid will cause the liquid to be dilute. Any mentions of water in this article will be assumed to be about fresh water unless specified. A dram of fresh water weighs 0.25 lbs.

If fresh water is found in a large pool (200 drams or greater), it will often show with a brighter white color, flickering much more often than salt water.

Sources of Water

water can be found in guaranteed areas as well as randomly generated.

Use of Water

Water is a scarce but incredibly important liquid.

  • Used for most Water Rituals
  • Satiates thirst (10,000 a dram)
  • Used as base currency for trading.
  • Can put out fire (both salty and fresh)
  • Can clean off items covered in other liquids (both salty and fresh)

Frozen Water

Water freezes at -100 T. If a creature steps on frozen water, they will be forced to make an Agility save with difficulty 10.

If a creature is in water while the tile is frozen, they will become stuck.

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Reason: What difficulty save?

Scalding Steam

Main article: Scalding steam

When water reaches 100T, it will vaporize into Scalding steam.pngscalding steam, where the drams vaporized/20 is the density of the steam. This steam deals 0.18 * density heat damage to whatever it's in contact with.

Factions that use Water as a Water Ritual Liquid


  • water is the only liquid which the Alchemist.pngalchemist does not sell.