Black ooze

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black ooze
When on/in other objects/liquids:
oozing liquid
oozing object
ooze-stained object
Vaporizes at

150°, into miasma

Base temperature


Cooking Effect

self-diseasing effects

Value per dram


Weight per dram






Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?



OozePuddle, OozePool

Liquid ID


black ooze is a liquid that can only be found inside Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha, and causes stiff legs or sore throats if consumed. The player character will more often than not be consuming black ooze forcefully due to other creatures. It will never be a component liquid required for a Corpus choliys.pngCorpus Choliys cure. It can be wished for by wishing OozePuddle.

Forcefully drinking Black Ooze

Sewage eel.pngsewage eels will attempt to make the player character prone by tripping them when they appear. Slog of the cloaca.pngSlog of the Cloaca will also spew any liquid, including black ooze, to force the player character prone. If the agility save fails and the player character becomes prone in a puddle of black ooze, some will get into their mouth:

Putrid ooze splashes into your mouth. You gag at the awful taste.

The player character must make a toughness save of difficulty 13. If this fails, the player character will be inflicted with either ironshank onset or glotrot onset. The disease type is decided by the Z-level, or elevation, of where the disease was caught, so the same zone will only apply one disease. The surface is a Z-level of 0. If on an even Z-level, ironshank will be applied. If on an odd Z-level, glotrot will be applied instead. Because of this, catching a disease in the Cloaca of Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha will always result in Glotrot (due to a Z-level of 5).[1]

Black jell.pngblack jells also can grant a disease on a melee hit, but whether or not the black ooze enters the mouth this way is not specified.

Sources of Black Ooze

  • Pools of black ooze can be found on the floor in Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha
  • Black jell.pngblack jells will explode into a 3x3 square of black ooze on death
  • Can be sold by Ichor merchant.pngichor merchants, one of which will always spawn in the Ovw six day stilt.pngStiltgrounds.
  • The Alchemist.pngalchemist is guaranteed to have one dram of black ooze for sale.

Uses of Black Ooze

Consuming Black Ooze

Drinking it will result in the message "It's repulsive!" and inflict the imbiber with glotrot onset (for odd Z-levels) or ironshank onset (for even Z-levels) with no save. It does not satiate hunger or quench thirst.

black ooze is described as adding self-diseasing based effects to cooking. Cooking with black ooze has only one possible effect: it will apply a sore throat regardless of Z-level and with no save.[2]

Causes @their tongue to rot away.


This information is reliable as of patch
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