Neutron flux

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neutron flux
When on/in other objects/liquids:
neutronic liquid
neutral object
flux-stained object
Vaporizes at


Base temperature


Cooking Effect

volatile density-based effects

Value per dram


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Cleaning factor


Prompt to wade through?


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This information is reliable as of patch If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it.
As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

neutron flux is an extremely volatile and rare liquid that can normally only be found inside a Phial.pngphial for sale.

Upon eating a meal which uses neutron flux as an ingredient, the player will either gain a permanent +1 to their AV, or they will instantly die. Dying in this way will grant the Starry Demise achievement.

highly entropic beings are the only faction that requires neutron flux as a Water Ritual liquid, although legendary creatures of this faction are unable to spawn normally as of patch

Sources of Neutron flux


Neutron flux is a volatile liquid that, for most actions performed to it, will explode with a force of 15,000, causing ♥10d10+250260-350 (Avg: 305) damage to any creatures, items, or walls caught in the explosion. Dying from a neutron flux explosion will grant an achievement.

Will cause an explosion

  • Drinking neutron flux. This one in particular is Instant death and not a high amount of damage.
  • Pouring neutron flux into a pool of any liquid (including itself)
  • Pouring neutron flux on the ground. wishing for the liquid will also cause it to instantly explode.
  • Pouring neutron flux into any container.

Will not cause an explosion

  • Pouring neutron flux onto yourself (but when the liquid drips onto the ground, it will explode).
  • Using the collect liquid command on a container of neutron flux.
  • Pouring a liquid other than neutron flux into a pool of neutron flux, if one somehow exists.
  • Pouring a liquid other than neutron flux into a container of neutron flux, if one somehow exists.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Neutron flux can be used in a pinch as a very damaging thrown weapon if inside a fragile container like a Glass bottle.pngglass bottle or a Phial.pngphial. However, note that a container shattering is similar to a distant pour, so it will explode if it lands on another liquid, the ground, or drips off the creature that it was poured on.
  • At a commerce value of 1000 per dram, neutron flux is one the more valuable liquids by weight, and the third most valuable item by weight.

RNG prediction

  • When a dram of neutron flux would fail during cooking, a Drop of nectar.pngdrop of nectar will succeed, allowing the player to accurately predict when they should and should not consume a Drop of Nectar for a guaranteed success. This is because when neutron flux is rolled in cooking, the game checks a roll of 10 in 100. When the roll is 10 or under, the check fails, and the neutron flux causes an explosion. Nectar, meanwhile, succeeds if a roll of 25 in 100 is 25 or under. Since the roll is always under 25 when the neutron flux fails, it is possible to go back using Precognition or a Sphynx salt injector.pngsphynx salt injector and roll a Drop of Nectar instead of a neutron flux when it would have failed, guaranteeing you receive the beneficial effects of a Drop of Nectar every time. This strategy may require the player to secure large amounts of neutron flux to guarantee Nectar success, however.