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warm static
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When on/in other objects/liquids:
entropic liquid
entropic object
warm static-stained object
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Warm static is a liquid, found in dilute form in the pools and rivers of the Moon Stair and in pure form in entropy cysts dropped by zero jells (also native to the Moon Stair) on death. It has a wide variety of potential impacts on the world and objects which come into contact with it.


  • Drinking or being coated in impure warm static (such as the pools of dilute warm static found in the Moon Stair) will apply a random effect. This can be any effect in the game.
  • For mutants, drinking pure warm static has a 50% chance to randomize mutations and grant 4-12 mutation points and a 50% chance to randomize skills and grant 400-1200 skill points. For non-mutants, it will always do the latter.
    • Skills can be randomized into skills that the character doesn't meet the stat or skill requirements for.
    • Category skills (e.g. Long Blade) only randomize into other categories. The same is true for individual skills.
    • 0sp skills that unlock with a category are randomized as part of its category, meaning you'll never have a 0sp skill but not its category.
    • The Sprint skill will never be randomized. Make Camp can be randomized, though.
    • Positive mutations will only randomize into positive mutations. The same is true for defects.
    • Physical mutations can become mental mutations, and vice versa. (unless the character is a Chimera or Esper)
    • Cost 1 mutations such as Night Vision only randomize into cost 1 mutations. Other mutations won't randomize into them either.
    • Mutations can only be randomized by mutants specifically - if a True kin happens to gain mutations, it will not randomize them.
  • Pure warm static mixed with another liquid will become a random, non-rare liquid.
  • Pouring pure warm static onto a creature will change it into a random different creature; items will likewise become different items, and food will become different food. The player is not an exception.
  • Pouring pure warm static into an empty space will move around 20% of the objects in the zone randomly; around 2% of objects in the zone will become different objects as above.
  • It is the water ritual liquid for highly entropic beings.