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chrome pyramid
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Chrome Pyramid


robots (Loved100 Reputation)



Charge per Use


Charge Used For

ForceEmitter [500], MunitionsFab [1000]

Corpse Dropped

Normality gas.pngnormality gas (100%)

Experience?The XP granted when killed. Click
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a level-based breakdown.

1400 XP

XP Tier




Spawns in


Extra info:

Limbs* (HoverRobot): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
chrome pyramid

A mountainous pyramid of chrome hovers about you. The volume around it appears furrowed somehow, and sound only comes through in waves; it's as though space and time themselves were crumpled away before the thing's very presence.


The chrome pyramid is a high level robot in the Deathlands.pngdeathlands that has both powerful ranged and melee combat options. Because the player starts with -475 reputation with robots, chrome pyramids are hostile to the player by default. When one is in the zone, the screen will ripple in waves from the pyramid similar to a Spacetime vortex mutation.pngSpace-Time Vortex. This is cosmetic. Chrome pyramids always have a Force bubble mutation.pngForce Bubble around them, making it difficult to get close without a Force modulator.pngforce modulator or sources of EMP or normality effects (grenades or otherwise).

For ranged combat, they have a Swarm rack.pngswarm rack which fires 10 He missile.pngHE Missiles in a shotgun pattern. Each HE Missile deals 17 ♥3d63-18 (Avg: 10.5) damage on impact, then explodes for a blast dealing ♥8+6d614-44 (Avg: 29) at the epicenter. A chrome pyramid spawns with 100 HE Missiles; if it runs out, it can fabricate more out of its body by sacrificing some of its 4,000 HP. This uses 5 HP per missile for a total of 100 HP for 20 missiles.[1] This action has a 2d2 turn cooldown.

If their target is in melee range or their swarm rack is disarmed, chrome pyramids aggressively approach the player to use their distortion field. The distortion field is a 18(on average) cudgel with +10 to-hit that deals ♥4d44-16 (Avg: 10) damage, ♥2d62-12 (Avg: 7) irresistable Cosmic damage, and ♥2d102-20 (Avg: 11) electrical damage which can arc to other targets.

Killing one grants an achievement. For a guide on how to do so, see Chrome pyramid/Killing.

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