Heavy Weapon

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Heavy Weapon
Skill Tree

Heavy Weapon


100 sp


0 Strength



You are skilled with heavy weapons.

Heavy Weapon is the base of a skill tree focused on heavy weapons. This refers to the missile weapons classified as "heavy weapon", not weapons that are heavy in terms of weight, although heavy weapons often have a high weight value. Though they are two-handed ranged weapons, heavy weapons do not benefit from Bow and Rifle skills.

The player and other creatures suffer a -25 penalty to movement speed while wielding a heavy weapon, unless they have the Tank skill. This penalty can stack if wielding more than one heavy weapon, such as is possible with a Gun rack.pnggun rack.

Skills in the Heavy Weapon skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Skill Required Description
Strapping Shoulders 0 19 Strength You shoulder your weapons more effectively. Heavy weapons count for half their weight toward your encumbrance.
Tank 150 23 Strength You suffer no movement penalty while wielding a heavy weapon.
Sweep 200 27 Strength You fire five shots with your heavy weapon sweeping over a ninety degree cone.

Weapons That Use the Heavy Weapon Skill