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swarm rack
average: 10.5range: 3-18
Commerce Value
Ammo Type


Shots per Action


Ammo per Action


Max Ammo





9 (8+1)


Can Disassemble


Can Build


Skill Used

Heavy Weapon

Mods?Mods this item can support
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missile weapon, firearm, general, heavy weapon, magazine



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Swarm Rack

Spawns in


Extra Info:
  • Requires two hands to wield
  • Made out of Metal
swarm rack

A chrome and quartz-dusted honeycomb mounts the viewing plane and threatens obliteration to all. Bar weldings bend to its gigantic weight, and rocketheads peak out of hexagonal hive.

Weapon Class: Heavy Weapon
Accuracy: Very Low
Multiple ammo used per shot: 10
Multiple projectiles per shot: 10
-25 move speed


The swarm rack is the primary weapon of the chrome pyramid. It fires a barrage of missiles which do substantial damage to anything nearby - enemies, structures, and potentially even an incautious wielder. They can be found in tier 8 zones from corpses that are generated in caves, mounted on swarm turrets placed by dynamic turret tinkers, or most consistently as the armament of chrome pyramids. It is one of the few items that can be disassembled for <8>.


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This article may need cleanup to meet quality standards.
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Reason: "This section mixes opinion with fact and could benefit from being reorganized."

Removing a swarm rack from a hostile chrome pyramid or swarm turret requires significant caution, due to the high damage output of the swarm rack itself. Raising reputation with robots above -250 will make them non-hostile by default. Alternatively, EMP grenades will disable them temporarily, including the force field on a Pyramid.

chrome pyramids are more dangerous than swarm turrets, and possess a force field which must be dealt with (via EMP, normality, a force modulator, or other method) in order to remove their swarm rack. However, they are more easily found on the surface in the Moon Stair (whereas the turrets are only found deep underground).

Ways to remove the swarm rack include:

- The Pistol skill Disarming Shot - note that this can trigger even if the pistols do not penetrate. Shots that do no damage will not make the target hostile, so this is a relatively safe option to use against non-hostile robots with low-PV pistols. chain pistols have several shots per round, which increases the probability per turn against an EMP-disabled target.

- The Long Blade skill Swipe with Dueling Stance. This is guaranteed to hit and penetrate once, making the target hostile, but gives the target a strength save to resist it.

- The serrated mod adds a 3% dismemberment chance to weapon attacks even when they fail to penetrate. However, this takes time to trigger and will not always remove one of the limbs on which the swarm rack is equipped.

- The Axe skills Dismember and Berserk also allow for dismemberment, but require the attack to penetrate the target's armor. Critical hits with melee weapons are guaranteed to penetrate at least once, so the masterwork mod could be helpful here. Like serrated, these take time and effort to trigger.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Theoretically, it has an extraordinarily high damage output per turn, as it fires 10 rockets per shot, each of which does a large amount of damage.
  • It can be disassembled for three high-tier bits.


  • It is incredibly heavy, weighing 1500 lbs by default. This can be reduced to 750 lbs. with the Strapping Shoulders skill (from unlocking the Heavy Weapon skill tree), and further with the Slender and Willowy item mods. With the Tinker III skill, the Fitted with suspensors mod is another way of dealing with the rack's enormous weight. With either of these methods, it becomes feasible to carry the swarm rack itself.
  • It also requires a huge number of HE Missiles, each of which weighs 2 lbs. A single full shot takes 20 lbs., and filling up the ammo takes 200 lbs. Suspensors will remove the weight of the missiles within the swarm rack itself, but not offset the amount required to reload.
  • As a gigantic weapon, it takes up four missile weapon slots for non-colossal creatures (like most players). This means most players will be unable to wield it themselves.
  • Its low accuracy means that its damage output is very unreliable in practice. It can miss relatively nearby enemies and hit neutral or friendly creatures.
  • Due to its explosive nature, it cannot be used in tight quarters and very likely to destroy any loot dropped by enemies or lying around.