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dynamic turret tinker
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Random Turret Tinker


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725 XP

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Limbs* (BipedalRobot): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
dynamic turret tinker

Its cylindric head is embellished with a frilly crest whose symbolism is unknown. It dutifully marchs on a pair of chrome pistons toward its final purpose.


The dynamic turret tinker is a turret tinker that creates randomly-generated missile weapon turrets and supplies them with the ammo that they require to function, such as energy cells, grenades, Lead slug.pnglead slugs, He missile.pngHE Missiles, or Gourd.pnggourds full of Blood.pngblood.

The dynamic turret tinker itself is not capable of attacking, and relies completely on its generated turrets for both offense and defense.

A single dynamic turret tinker can generate up to 8 turrets, and those turrets can vary in weapon type. The turrets chosen will be created based on the difficulty of the current zone (the current regional zone tier).[1][2] The game will choose a random missile weapon with the same weapon tier as the current zone tier, with a small chance to choose a weapon of a lower or higher tier. It will then create a turret from that weapon. Most missile weapons are eligible to be created in turret form by the dynamic turret tinker. Generated turrets do not grant any XP when destroyed. Only the dynamic turret tinker grants experience when destroyed.

Possible Turrets by Tier

Because the dynamic turret tinker is a level 29 creature, it is far more likely to appear higher-tier zones, and it is somewhat rare to encounter a dynamic turret tinker in a lower-tier zone where it would be capable of creating lower-tier turrets.

Turret Tier HP AV
Dynamic turret phase cannon turret.pngphase cannon turret 8 ♥40 ♦12
Dynamic turret swarm turret.pngswarm turret 8 ♥40 ♦12
Dynamic turret blast cannon turret.pngblast cannon turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret spaser rifle turret.pngspaser turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret space inverter turret.pngspace inverter turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret spaser pistol turret.pnglow-vibe spaser turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret psychal fleshgun turret.pngpsychal fleshgun turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret high-voltage arc winder turret.pnghigh-voltage arc winder turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret linear cannon turret.pnglinear cannon turret 7 ♥35 ♦10
Dynamic turret hypertractor turret.pnghypertractor turret 6 ♥30 ♦9
Dynamic turret nullray turret.pngnullray turret 6 ♥30 ♦9
Dynamic turret blood-gradient hand vacuum turret.pngblood-gradient vacuum turret 6 ♥30 ♦9
Dynamic turret hand rail turret.pnghand rail turret 6 ♥30 ♦9
Dynamic turret light rail turret.pnglight rail turret 6 ♥30 ♦9
Dynamic turret di-thermo beam turret.pngdi-thermo beam turret 6 ♥30 ♦9
Dynamic turret freeze ray turret.pngfreeze ray turret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Dynamic turret normality gas turret.pngnormality gas turret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Dynamic turret chain laser turret.pngchain laser turret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Dynamic turret eigenpistol turret.pnglow-dimensionality eigenturret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Rocket turret.pngrocket turret 5 ♥65 ♦9
Dynamic turret arc winder turret.pngarc winder turret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Dynamic turret eigenturret.pngeigenturret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Chain laser emplacement.pngchain laser emplacement 5 ♥65 ♦9
Dynamic turret turbow turret.pngturbow turret 5 ♥25 ♦7
Dynamic turret low-light laser turret.pnglow-light laser turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret flamethrower turret.pngflamethrower turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret defoliant turret.pngdefoliant turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret arc cannon turret.pngarc cannon turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret mortar turret.pngmortar turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Laser turret.pnglaser turret 4 ♥45 ♦9
Dynamic turret sniper turret.pngsniper turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret miniature chaingun turret.pngminiature chaingun turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret carbine turret.pngcarbine turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret fungicide turret.pngfungicide turret 4 ♥20 ♦6
Dynamic turret compound bow turret.pngcompound bow turret 3 ♥15 ♦4
Microturret.pngmicroturret 3 ♥10 ♦2
Dynamic turret electrobow turret.pngelectrobow turret 3 ♥15 ♦4
Dynamic turret combat shotgun turret.pngcombat shotgun turret 3 ♥15 ♦4
Dynamic turret grenade launcher turret.pnggrenade launcher turret 3 ♥15 ♦4
Chaingun turret.pngchaingun turret 3 ♥25 ♦6
Dynamic turret pump shotgun turret.pngpump shotgun turret 3 ♥15 ♦4
Rifle turret.pngrifle turret 2 ♥15 ♦3
Dynamic turret sixgun turret.pngsixgun turret 2 ♥10 ♦3
Dynamic turret seed spitter turret.pngseed spitter turret 2 ♥10 ♦3
Dynamic turret booster turret.pngbooster turret 1 ♥5 ♦1
Musket turret.pngmusket turret 1 ♥5 ♦2
Dynamic turret dart turret.pngdart turret 1 ♥5 ♦1
Dynamic turret short bow turret.pngshort bow turret 1 ♥5 ♦1


This information is reliable as of patch
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