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crypt sitter
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Crypt Sitter


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775 XP

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Limbs* (TripedalRobot): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
crypt sitter

A monstrous, unlidded eye is perched on three spider-thin legs. Its lens is a lune of hot tetraxenonoglass, its iris a supernova of gallium circuitry. All the honey-thick light that pours through the void of its pupil is pumped up the arterial turnpike, drank by the optic nerve, and dripped like dye into the grayscale field of its dreaming brain.


The crypt sitter is a high level robot most commonly found in the Tomb of the Eaters, guarding individual crypts. They possess nearly every Long Blade skill and all Dual Wield skills, which they will use to deadly effect with their three chrome stilts. For ranged combat, a crypt sitter is equipped with a )rondure of light, a powerful laser Pistol class weapon that fires two undodgeable Laser columns at a time with a 2 turn cool-down. A crypt sitter passively refracts light based attacks, such as the Lase from Light Manipulation and Laser beams from laser based weapons.

A crypt sitter is neutral to all creatures while unalert. Attacking them or attempting to damage or open the reliquary they guard will alert them with a message of "The crypt sitter stirs." Once alerted, they will act like an aggressive demeanor robot faction member until they move beyond a 10 tile radius of their post. If the crypt sitter passes beyond this point, they will become neutral again with a message of "The crypt sitter sleeps." and return to guarding their assigned reliquary.