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Template that makes a navigation box for the specified faction. The first argument should be the Faction name.


  • A second argument of uniquecommon can be specified to separate the navbox into two rows; one for unique characters, one for non-unique characters.
  • The following parameters can be specified to divide the navbox into two category-based rows:
    • splitbycategory: The category by which to split the navbox
    • categorytitle: Creatures that have the specified category as their primary (cargo-stored) category will be put in the first row of the navbox, and that row will have the title specified in this parameter
    • noncategorytitle: All other creatures (not in the specified category) will go into the second navbox row, and that navbox row will have the title specified here.

Simple Case

{{Creature Navbox|Barathrumites}}

Unique / Common Case

{{Creature Navbox|Barathrumites|uniquecommon}}

Category-Divided Case

{{Creature Navbox|Robots|splitbycategory=Turrets|categorytitle=Turrets|noncategorytitle=General}}