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Barathrumites (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

urshiib corpse (90%)

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475 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Her body may be underground, but Iseppa's mind travels with the stars. Most of her body is so still as to be a statue, but her hands blur, mechanically sorting fasteners and screws with no conscious thought but remarkable efficiency. Her eyelids rest low in weary contemplation of impossible questions.


Iseppa is a member of the Barathrumites and an inhabitant of Grit Gate.[1]


Iseppa is a drowsy, relaxed Barathrumite who can be found sitting within her quarters. She appears to spend most of her time sorting screws and fasteners, but doesn't seem to give this activity much conscious thought, and is instead focused on various "considerations" and "contemplations". When asked by the player if she has come to any conclusions, she simply replies: "Not yet, but that's not the point."

Besides her rapid sorting, Iseppa is a generally sedentary individual, and is "always tired". She blames this on her poor sleep, which "comes in fits and starts", and "always with ghastly visions", or nightmares. She claims that she sometimes requires medicine in order to fall asleep.

Hortensa calls Iseppa a "sleepy sage" and "sweet". She claims that Iseppa "calms" her, and that they sit together in Iseppa's room and "muse on the nature of things".


Iseppa's wares consist only of scrap, but she will possess a rather large quantity of it. The scrap she stocks will be rolled from a Scrap table based on zone tier, with the number value of the table being equivalent to the tier of the zone Iseppa spawns in. Since Iseppa normally spawns in Grit Gate, her wares will be taken from Scrap 1. Each item from the table will be rolled 12-18 times.[2] Iseppa does not restock.


Iseppa will begin neutral to the player but will become hostile if the player attacks her or any Barathrumites within view of her. She can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Barathrumites falls low enough, or if the player is seen stealing their belongings or damaging their property.


Iseppa will always come equipped with a laser rifle and a gaslight kris, each slotted with a chem cell at 100% charge. She will never list these items when trading with the player.[3] For armor, Iseppa only wears an umber frock.[2]


Iseppa possesses the Bow and Rifle skill, which will additionally grant her the Draw a Bead and Steady Hands skills. The latter will increase her accuracy when using her laser rifle. Iseppa also has the Iron Mind skill, which will allow her to more quickly recover from the confused effect.[3]


Being an urshiib, Iseppa possesses the Albino (D) mutation, the Quills mutation at level 6, and the Triple-jointed mutation at level 3.[3] Quills provides Iseppa with damage reflection, immunity to the quills of other creatures, and the "Quill Fling" activated ability, which allows Iseppa to fire a portion of her quills to deal damage to adjacent creatures. She will also possess quills, natural equipment worn on her body that can't be removed, providing her with an additional ♦4 AV. Triple-jointed will grant Iseppa an additional 3 Agility.

Self Preservation

If Iseppa's hitpoints fall below 25% of her maximum, she will cease combat and will begin to actively flee from threats.[4]


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