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Barathrumites (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

urshiib corpse (90%)

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775 XP

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Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

Streaks of grey head-hair and crunched skin around her eyes point to Hortensa's right-sitting point on life's timeline, but her frame remains straight, her hands remain dexterous, and her muscles are full of figure and responsive. Her bearing is sharp and unsoftened with age; her lips are pursed in the tension of rational thought. But she is comfortable; her movements are unrushed. There are hints of joy and warmth in her face; they shine through the dense layers of tissue grown out of careful routine.


Hortensa is a member of the Barathrumites and an inhabitant of Grit Gate.[1]


Hortensa is a "liquid-tinker", a scientist who works with and studies liquids. However, Hortensa thinks of herself "as a wisewoman in dialog with" liquids, and says that she "manage[s] their moods and phases".

Hortensa claims to have lived in Grit Gate for "decades on decades" or perhaps "centuries". She states that most of the other Barathrumites, who she refers to as "wet-earred cubs", were "merely sketches in their mothers' dreambooks when [she] arrived to study under Barathrum". Due to this, she seems to know quite a lot about the other Barathrumites, and will briefly describe each of them to the player upon request.


Hortensa primarily stocks random liquids in glass bottles, as well as a couple other odd items. She will not restock.[2]

Item Quantity Chance
phial 3-4 100%
glass bottle containing 1d81-8 (Avg: 4.5) drams of a random liquid 2-4 100%
desalination pellet 2-4 100%
glass bottle 1-2 100%
spray bottle 1 100%
quilted shawl 1 100%
An item from Junk 1* 1 100%
A white-titled book 1 50%
Items from Books 1 50%
phial containing a single dram of cloning draught or neutron flux 1 5%, 5%**

*Hortensa may equip this item if it is a piece of equipment, and thus will not sell it to the player.
**This indicates there are two seperate 5% chances for one phial to occur.

Hortensa will also possess the following items, which are given to her by the same table. However, she will almost always equip them and thus will not sell them to the player.

Item Quantity Chance
gas mask 1 100%
umber frock 1 100%
leather moccasins 1 100%


Hortensa will begin neutral to the player, but will become hostile if the player attacks her or a Barathrumite within view of her. Hortensa can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Barathrumites falls low enough, or if the player is seen stealing their belongings or damaging their property.


In addition to the items listed above, Hortensa will always spawn with a laser rifle, slotted with a chem cell at 100% charge, which she will utilize in ranged combat. She will not list this item if the player trades with her.[3]


Hortensa possesses the Bow and Rifle skill, which will additionally grant her the Draw a Bead and Steady Hands skills. The latter will increase her accuracy when using her laser rifle, or any other bows or rifles she may utilize. She also possesses Poison Tolerance, which will reduce poison damage she suffers by 25%.[3]


Being an urshiib, Hortensa possesses the Albino (D) mutation, the Quills mutation at level 6, and the Triple-jointed mutation at level 3.[3] Quills provides Hortensa with damage reflection, immunity to the quills of other creatures, and the "Quill Fling" activated ability, which allows Hortensa to fire a portion of her quills to deal damage to adjacent creatures. She will also possess quills, natural equipment worn on her body that can't be removed, providing her with an additional ♦4 AV. Triple-jointed will grant Hortensa an additional 3 Agility.

Self Preservation

If Hortensa's hitpoints fall below 35% of their maximum, she will cease combat and will begin to actively flee from threats.[4]


Subpage: Hortensa/Conversations


This information is reliable as of patch
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