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gas mask
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Gas Mask

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  • Made out of Metal
  • Acts as a gas mask
gas mask

A durable mask of plastic, fitted with a simple filter that provides good protection against dangerous gas and vapor.


A gas mask is a piece of face equipment that reduces the effect of gases on its wearer.

It has all the following effects on its wearer:[1]

  • They are affected by gases that have an effect when inhaled as if the density of those gases were 40 less than their actual density.
  • They receive +8 to saves against inhaled gases and cannot critically fail these saves.
  • They take 8% less damage from damaging gases (including ones that don't need to be inhaled to have an effect, such as corrosive gas).

Wearing more than one gas mask or similar item such as vinewood sap mask or an item modded with Fitted with Filters causes the effects to stack. They work even from a Floating Nearby slot if magnetized.

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  1. XRL.World.Parts.GasMask