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The Face is the frontal facing area of a creature's head. In Caves of Qud, a face can be Dismembered and worn, granting an ego bonus. The face's ego bonus depends on the level of the original owner.

Creature Level Ego bonus
1 to 20 +1
21 to 34 +2
≥35 +3

From XRL.World.Parts.Body::Dismember

Wearing a face also adds a -500 reputation with the primary faction(s) that the creature was allied with. If the face was from the player character, there is no reputation penalty. Faces do not provide any AV or DV.

If the player character wears their own face (after regenerating their face or wearing it on their other head's face), the player will be granted an achievement. Since the ego bonus is level dependent, a high level player character can be their own source of +3 ego faces, with no reputation penalty.


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Reason: Some face variants are not documented here.

The following types of body parts are considered to be faces for most purposes, including equipment slots and dismemberment:

  • Sensory Bulb (plants and oozes)
  • Sensor Array (robots)
  • Feelers (mollusks and anything that consumes the Cloaca Surprise)
  • Knocker (doors)
  • Pillowcase (beds)
  • Skull Face (bone walls)
  • Decoration (tables)
  • Splat (chairs)
  • Access Panel (appears only in unimplemented content, namely Vaned and Railed Mechanisms)
  • Faceplate (iron maidens)

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