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cragmensch boulderer
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Cragmensch Boulderer


cragmensch (Loved100 Reputation)



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500 XP

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Extra info:
  • Weighs 201 lbs

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cragmensch boulderer

Ideas like the tetravalence of carbon and silicon were suffocated in the thick valley air of jungle hamlets. The human gatherer who mounts a root-braided hillock and looks out to the horizon in wonder, who descries flecks of granite stirring on the mountain face, and who with ancestral dread ponders what toll the rocks themselves are animated to collect, he can't know the miracles of chemistry that sophists inscribed in data disks at the Long Before. Those miracles are to him the ciphers of god-things.


A cragmensch boulderer is a creature belonging to the cragmensch faction. Cragmensch boulderers can be found in Bethesda Susa. They can also be found, very rarely, in the Rust Wells, Golgotha, and the Asphalt Mines.[1]

Cragmensch boulderers attack in melee with their hoary fists, natural cudgel weapons with a to-hit bonus of 4 and a damage of ♥3d33-9 (Avg: 6).[2] To supplement their fists, cragmensch boulderers possess the Cudgel Proficiency and Bludgeon skills. Additonally, cragmensch boulderers will always spawn with 1 medium boulder, which they will utilize as a thrown weapon.[3][4]

Cragmensch boulderers are notable for having the ability to "excavate" additional medium boulders from their bodies by utilizing their "Fabricate Medium boulders" ability. This ability has an action cost of 100 and will deal ♥1 damage to a boulderer for each use, in addition to incurring a cooldown period of 1d2+12-3 (Avg: 2.5). Each use of the ability will produce 1 boulder. Boulderers cannot use this ability if their hitpoints are less than 10% of their maximum HP.[4][5]

When cragmensch boulderers die, they will drop a large boulder instead of a corpse.[3] This boulder must be moved or destroyed to find any other loot they may drop.


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