Asphalt Mines

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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Asphalt Mines
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Asphalt Mines

Rubble encases this abandoned mine where ancient tribes siphoned the black blood for their own inscrutable purposes.


The Asphalt Mines are a location at the northern edge of the world map, just east of the Six Day Stilt. Most levels contain a large amount of asphalt pools and many scattered pools of oil.


Strata Name Zone tier
0 surface 3
1-4 upper shafts 3
5-8 middle shafts 3
9-12 deep shafts 3
13-17 Darkunder 3
18 City of Bones 3
19 Great Sea 3
20-25 Tunnels of Ur 7
26-30 Swilling Vast 7


An example of the surface layout of the Asphalt Mines.

The surface zone of the asphalt mines is populated by snapjaws. It may also be populated by other random or legendary creatures.[citation needed]

Asphalt mines, Strata 1-18

An example layout of the upper shafts.

All floors of the asphalt mines will have scattered loot laying around. This loot varies randomly but may include: arrows, ammo, scrap, cooking ingredients, steel or carbide weapons, steel or ape fur armor, tonics, and more. Creatures in these areas include:

eyeless crabs, fire snouts, drillbots, albino apes, quillipedes, eyeless king crabs, humors,

Very rarely: boulderers, brainers, luminaries and Mechanimist pilgrims

Middle Shafts, Stratum 5

Stratum 5 of the Asphalt Mines will always contain some ancient bones with all of the following guaranteed items:[1]

Great Sea, Stratum 19

An example layout of the Great Sea.

Every tile that is not occupied by a wall or stairs on this stratum is completely covered in pools of asphalt.

Tunnels of Ur and the Swilling Vast, Strata 20-30

An example layout of the Swilling Vast.

lava pools will generate instead of asphalt pools.

Creatures at these depths include:

fire ants, worker ants, fire ant queens and great magma crabs

Always at strata 30: Hamilcrab, cyclopean merchant


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • The Asphalt Mines are one of the only reliable sources of large quantities of oil in the game.


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