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LavaPool, LavaPuddle,SmallLavaPuddle,LavaPhial_Ingredient

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Lava is a liquid made out of melted rock. It is one of the higher valued liquids, but is highly harmful to anything it contacts that lacks proper heat resistance. A composite liquid containing lava will be magmatic.

Upon entering a cell of lava that is not frozen, the creature's temperature will increase by 1000°, which is often enough to set the creature on fire. This is only when the cell is entered, and staying on the lava will not alter temperature directly. However, there is a high risk of lava staining and covering the creature and their items repeatedly if they do not leave the cell.

When lava is poured on something, their temperature will increase but will not inflict damage.


Lava's baseline temperature of 1,000 degrees means that only some containers can safely hold it:

  • phials can hold lava any number of times, but can only hold a single dram each.
  • glass bottles can hold lava for a limited time. After a number of turns depending on the quantity of lava within it, the bottle will ignite and subsequently break.
  • All other empty containers will ignite and burn upon pouring lava inside.
  • Very small amounts can be stored in some artifacts that store liquids. Examples include: liquid fueled energy cells, gyrocopter backpacks, rocket skates, and flamethrowers.
  • ceramic amphoras can safely store lava, but they are liquid generators and will taint the lava if the container is not completely filled.

Containers that ignite from lava suffer the flaming effect, making them suffer tick damage from burning until destroyed. Freezing is not a viable solution to this issue, as frozen entities and materials thaw back to their resting temperature in a matter of turns and most containers burn at a much lower point than 1,000 degrees.

Liquid fueled energy cells can be filled with 8 drams of lava, making some of them a potentially cheap lava storage solution, for later reselling.

Sources of Lava

  • Any wall that reaches its melting point will turn into 2,000 drams of lava
  • giant lava weeps and lava weeps. Fungal biomes that contain these have bright red and yellow mushrooms.
  • Rarely sold by ichor merchants and chefs.
    • Note that this lava will sometimes be sold in non-lava safe containers, in which case the containers will be flaming in their inventory.
  • The alchemist is guaranteed to have one dram of lava for sale.
    • This dram will be sold in a phial, which the lava cannot destroy.
  • When killed, red jells leave a pool of lava in the same way that giant amoebas leave a pool of slime.
  • Found in the deeper levels of the Asphalt Mines
  • Left behind by red-colored ("hot") machine walls when they are destroyed.

Uses of Lava

Consuming Lava

Drinking lava returns the following message:


Doing so does not influence hydration in any way.

Consumption of any amount of lava will increase your temperature by 1000°, dealing ♥1d1001-100 (Avg: 50.5) damage and ♥1d1001-100 (Avg: 50.5) more for every 10% of the mixture that is lava (100% lava deals ♥11d10011-1100 (Avg: 555.5), 50% of lava deals ♥6d1006-600 (Avg: 303)). The temperature increase is unaffected.

Drinking lava grants the On the Rocks achievement. In the journal, this is noted as "Unexplainably, you drank lava".


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • An easy source of large single-target, single-hit damage, making it potentially useful, e.g., for killing a mercurial without it teleporting away. However, this will anger them if they survive.
  • Lava can be collected after the initial pouring to be reused for damage, although it will be halved due to mixing with the salt on the ground.
  • Because any wall can melt into lava, characters with heat-based mutations, such as Flaming Ray or Pyrokinesis, can make lava without having to search for it.
  • Lava can be poured on someone to remove the frozen effect. However, this often results in upwards of 100 damage, so it is best used only as a last resort.
    • molten wax is much safer, though not as effective.