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A wide variety of walls can be found in Caves of Qud, including rock walls, metal walls, glass walls, fences, forcefields, holographic walls, and many others.

Walls are one of the most common procedurally generated barriers. Most (but not all) walls are occluding. Walls generally have a high ♦AV but can be destroyed with sufficient penetration and damage. There are also certain forms of damage that are more effective against walls, such as damage from a pickaxe, nanopneumatic jackhammer, Burrowing Claws, or Corrosive Gas Generation.

General Walls

Most walls are made of stone, mud, metal, or rubble. This category includes many of the most commonly found walls in Qud, such as shale and basalt.


Fences tend to be some of the weaker walls that are easier to break - particularly the wooden variety. Fences are frequently found surrounding snapjaw forts as well as in historic sites.


Vents are walls that also act as environmental hazards. They can emit damaging gases, hostile creatures, or effects that are dangerous to the player and others.

Glass Walls

Tech Walls

Gemstone Walls

Many zones have a primary wall type that is used to build all of the walls in the zone. So if you are lucky enough to find a zone built from gemstone walls, you are likely to find a large number of those walls in that zone. Rough gemstones can be obtained in bulk by mining (destroying) the walls; each piece of wall has a 4% chance to drop a gemstone when it is destroyed. It takes time to mine a large number of walls, but Burrowing Claws, a pickaxe, or a nanopneumatic jackhammer can speed up the process. Consider using the auto-attack keybind (Ctrl+A by default) to mine each wall segment until destroyed.

Sultan Walls

Sultan walls include carvings to honor the historic sultans of Qud's past. These walls are most commonly found in the Tomb of the Eaters and in the nearby surrounding areas.


Like sultan walls, murals are most commonly found in and around the Tomb of the Eaters. They depict specific events that took place in a sultan's life.

Holographic Walls

Holographic walls are fairly rare, but it is possible to find entire zones built from these walls in a historic site or similar procedurally generated zone.

Force Fields

Force fields are temporary walls that are typically created by mutations (such as Force Bubble) or artifacts (such as stasis grenades).