Corrosive Gas Generation

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Corrosive Gas Generation
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Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
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the effects of normality.


Corrosive Gas Generation

You release a burst of corrosive gas around yourself.

Releases gas for (level based) rounds
Cooldown: 40 rounds

Corrosive Gas Generation is a physical mutation generates corrosive gas. For each round that this mutation is active, the user releases a total density of 800 units of corrosive gas, spread evenly into the tiles surrounding the user. Generally this results in 100 density units of gas in each tile (in the 8 surrounding tiles), unless the user is at the edge or corner of a zone, in which case the gas release density will be slightly higher due to the reduced number of surrounding cells.

Creatures with this mutation are immune to all sources of corrosive gas. They are not immune to acid or poison gas.

Released gas inherits the phase of its owner.

Gas damage is highly variable due to the way that gas spreads and dissipates, but the damage caused by high-level Corrosive Gas Generation, with all gas being released from the same cell, can deal upwards of 50 damage per round.

Advancement Table

This table shows only the mutation duration (the number of rounds during which the user will release corrosive gas) and the level of gas released.

For details about corrosive gas damage, refer to the corrosive gas article.

Mutation Level Gas Level Active Duration
1 1 3 rounds
2 2 4 rounds
3 3 5 rounds
4 4 6 rounds
5 5 7 rounds
6 6 8 rounds
7 7 9 rounds
8 8 10 rounds
9 9 11 rounds
10 10 12 rounds
Mutation Level Gas Level Active Duration
11 11 13 rounds
12 12 14 rounds
13 13 15 rounds
14 14 16 rounds
15 15 17 rounds
16 16 18 rounds
17 17 19 rounds
18 18 20 rounds
19 19 21 rounds
20 20 22 rounds
Mutation Level Gas Level Active Duration
21 21 23 rounds
22 22 24 rounds
23 23 25 rounds
24 24 26 rounds
25 25 27 rounds
26 26 28 rounds
27 27 29 rounds
28 28 30 rounds
29 29 31 rounds
30 30 32 rounds


The following formulas are used to determine gas level and release duration.[1]

Gas Level
Emission Duration
Level + 2

Ability Cooldown

Corrosive Gas Generation's cooldown (CD) in rounds depends on the user's willpower (WI) attribute:


Advantages & Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Deals extremely high damage to walls and doors, even at low levels (this includes force walls)
  • Can be used to break through walls and explore areas more easily, similar to Burrowing Claws
  • Does not damage "loot" items, such as weapons, armor, or artifacts
  • At high mutation levels, can also deal significant damage per turn to creatures
  • Synergizes well with other gas-generating mutations and abilities, such as Sleep Gas Generation
  • Most enemies will usually avoid entering corrosive gas cloud, making this mutation a powerful zoning tool, especially in early game


  • Can damage friendly creatures, turning them hostile toward you
  • The spread of gas cannot be easily controlled, so it's hard to target specific enemies or walls without affecting other things nearby
  • Desecrates shrines that it comes into contact with

Creatures with Corrosive Gas Generation


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