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When on/in other objects/liquids:
acidic liquid
acid-covered object
acid-stained object
Vaporizes at

100°, into corrosive gas

Base temperature



Cooking Effect

simple acid-based effects

Value per dram


Weight per dram






Cleaning factor


Prompt to wade through?


Prompt to drink?



AcidPool, AcidPuddle, AcidCanteen_Ingredient

Liquid ID


Acid is a caustic liquid that causes damage upon contact. A composite liquid with acid will be acidic, and objects covered in it will be covered in acid. Because of its properties, only inorganic containers will be able to hold acid safely without dissolving.

Physical contact with acid will cause the object to take Total liquid Volume * Acid drams /16 (min 1) to Total liquid Volume * Acid drams (min 2) acid damage every turn. This includes the container the acid is in if the container is organic like a waterskin. Liquid containers corroded by acid will have sizzling prepended to their name until the container is completely destroyed. If destroyed within an inventory, the acid will pour over the owner, dealing the same damage. Waterskins have a hidden ♥30HP, so acid can be held for a short period of time, depending on volume, for short liquid transfer. Any items, regardless of material, will be damaged if sufficiently covered in acid.

Creatures with full acid resistance will not take damage from stepping on or swimming in acid, but acid still has a chance of damaging/destroying the creature's feet armor when stepping on acid, as well as their body armor if swimming in an acid pool (greater than 1,000 drams). Armor composed of organic material is especially vulnerable.


When heated to a temperature of 350, the acid will evaporate into corrosive gas, with a density of the puddle's volume in drams/20. The acid created by fuming vents also evaporates quickly, regardless of temperature. Trying to pour or collect acid that is about to evaporate gives the message "It's fizzy." and the action fails.

Sources of Acid

Uses of Acid

Consuming Acid

When consumed without preparation, the imbiber will take ♥10d1010-100 (Avg: 55) acid damage for every dram they consumed.

Drinking acid returns the following message:


Doing so does not influence hydration in any way.